Tata Communications and Microsoft have partnered to improve connection and collaboration options for Indian businesses. According to ANI, the cooperation intends to provide businesses operating in the nation with more options when it comes to collaboration solutions, especially Microsoft Teams.

The partnership makes use of the GlobalRapide technology from Tata Communications to enable carrier-grade PSTN phone calls on Microsoft Teams devices all around the world. This functionality allows Indian enterprise users and international organizations based in the nation to connect globally thanks to the usage of the Operator Connect platform.

According to the wire, Tata Communications‘ broad reach—which spans more than 190 countries thanks to alliances with more than 700 mobile network operators—puts it in a position to provide cloud calling and audio-conferencing services that adhere to regional laws.

The platform’s end-to-end managed services layer streamlines Teams, endpoint devices, and session border controllers (SBCs) setup, onboarding, and administration. This integrated strategy saves businesses money on hardware costs while enhancing usability, security, and regulatory compliance.

Vice President of Unified Communications and Collaboration at Tata Communications Sriram Sampath stressed the value of international alliances with local knowledge as companies grow and borders become less physical due to collaboration tools. The partnership with Microsoft’s Operator Connect for Teams would increase staff productivity and efficiency for businesses while complying with local laws and regulations.

Microsoft expressed happiness with the collaboration and reaffirmed its commitment to bringing efficiency and productivity advantages to businesses throughout India through Shruti Bhatia, Country Head of Modern Work and Surface for India and South Asia. In an increasingly linked business world, the cooperation intends to help organizations in their growth and scaling in a smooth, efficient, and safe manner.

The process by which employees who collaborate inside the organization engage with one other and the workplace is referred to as enterprise collaboration. Through the facilitation of a collaborative environment, it aids companies of all sizes in achieving solid operational excellence. In a larger sense, it also refers to digital technologies that a company uses to facilitate staff cooperation, communication, and teamwork.

In addition to helping you accomplish shared objectives, organizational collaboration techniques protect intellectual property, foster employee interaction, and showcase a positive corporate culture.

Comprehending the requirements of modern businesses is not an impossible task. Numerous issues are brought about by the shifting dynamics of the workplace, such as the rise in employee turnover, the complexity of processes, the prevalence of remote and hybrid work cultures, and decreased productivity.