What’s Microsoft for startups?

Microsoft for Startups is a $500 million task that helps beginning phase organizations create cloud-based programming answers forget their organizations going.

The program gives financing, offers showcasing and innovation guidance, and improves deal processes. Basically, it’s a gas pedal, which is a program offering escalated direction and backing to a startup for a set period. Normally, it’s for a long time.

The reason for a gas pedal is to supercharge the beginning phase organization’s development so it can arrive at its maximum capacity as soon as possible. Gas pedals frequently assist a startup with moving rapidly through its transformative stages, limiting the dangers it faces on its excursion to turning into a suitable organization.

This is an emotional charge from Microsoft of years prior that was viewed as unaware of present circumstances with the innovative local area. The program doesn’t just help new companies – by spending time with organizers, Microsoft benefits from a sound mixture of pioneering energy which assists it with staying on the main edge of development.

To respond to the inquiry presented by this article, indeed, Microsoft for Startups truly can work. Peruse on to look into the contrast between a startup and a gas pedal, what the advantages of Microsoft for Startups are, and the five stages in the application interaction.

What’s the difference between an Accelerator and an Incubator?

Accelerators give beginning phase organizations that as of now have a base feasible item (MVP) with the schooling, assets, and mentorship. They need to pack long stretches of development into a couple of brief months.

There are presently more than 7,000 gas pedals around the world, with north of 200 in the US alone. The most renowned of all is Y Combinator, which assisted with sending off more than 2,000 organizations.

Hatcheries, then again, regularly start prior to the process by assisting pioneers with refining their business thoughts so they can develop their organization from the beginning.

Does Microsoft for Startups really work? 

Microsoft for Startups has overwhelmed the startup biological system. It has sent off many organizations in a couple of brief years, making a huge number of dollars in esteem.

Zach Weisfield began Microsoft for Startups as an approach to assisting with making effective startup encounters. He burned through 27 years both as a startup pioneer and financial backer in beginning phase organizations.

In the wake of investing extensive energy paying attention to startup proprietors, he tried out a plan for his Microsoft managers. The thought was to begin a gas pedal to help battling beginning phase organizations benefit from the ability for development that the corporate behemoth is popular all over the planet for.

The primary Microsoft Accelerator opened in Tel Aviv, Israel. There are currently Microsoft Accelerators in Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, London, Seattle, and Shanghai.

North of 650 organizations is graduated class of the program, bringing around $3 billion up in funding cash. Counsels hold CEO difficulty meetings at every gas pedal. Pioneers can examine issues all new businesses battle with, including what to do on the off chance that fellow benefactors aren’t conveying their weight or how to recruit your most memorable deals experts.

Tania Yuki, CEO of Sharablee, had this to express: “Passing through Microsoft Accelerator opened ways to the Microsoft association as well as numerous others as a result of being a channel accomplice, and it shed light on the concentration for development and quick cycle that is the sign of large numbers of the Microsoft groups.”

Microsoft for Startups helps new businesses in each stage. For instance, Microsoft Reactor is an actual space where pioneers, engineers, and financial backers can meet up to associate, learn, and share. Microsoft ScaleUp offers Series A new businesses an opportunity to sharpen their pioneering framework. Microsoft Ventures is Microsoft’s investment speculation group which supports the new companies adequately fortunate to be important for the program.

There are many fruitful alumni of the program who could never have been more joyful with the outcomes they accomplished. Most would agree that Microsoft for Startups can truly work and can possibly fundamentally help the possibilities of your startup succeeding.

What are the benefits of Microsoft for Startups?

Working with Microsoft for Startups can furnish you with the pivotal associations you’ll have to get your organization going. These associations will assist you with gaining from past new companies’ slip-ups, show you how to try out your thought, and teach you the compelling artwork of raising money cycles.


Microsoft for Startups gives you admittance to prepared business visionaries, one of whom could turn into a confided in the guide. These people can help you finetune your item, sharpen your plan of action, and attach you with financial backers hungry for another business opportunity.

You’ll get associated with educated authorities in your field who will probably be eager to assist you to accomplish great item/market fit and foster an executioner go-to-showcase plan. Inventive issue solvers inside your industry will bring up the blemishes in your thought so you can endeavor to improve them.

Tutors can likewise furnish you with the consistent reassurance you’ll have to make your innovative excursion somewhat less difficult.

Other Benefits

Microsoft Marketplace capacities as the mediator among new businesses and the organizations new companies are offering to. This can be an extraordinary arrangement since new businesses can utilize it to smooth out the deals cycle, and don’t have to vet first-time merchants or layout new connections without any preparation.

A few extra advantages of the program, contingent upon qualification, may include:

  • Two years of free Azure cloud access ($120,000 value)
  • Visual Studio Enterprise cloud subscription 
  • Office 365 Business Premium 
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and Talent 
  • Enterprise-grade Azure support 

Microsoft for Startups Application Process

1. Apply  

The initial step is to go to the authority Microsoft for Startups site and apply.

It’s frequently incredibly hard to get acknowledged by a gas pedal, with simply 1 to 3% of new companies making the finished product. If you have any desire to evade the pattern, you will normally be particularly clear and compact about the colossal worth your organization offers the world and for what reason you’re so amped up for your thought.

Keep in mind, that enthusiasm is infectious. Try not to just rundown items includes while finishing up your application. All things considered, expect to state additional convincing advantages.

Depict how your group’s experience and abilities drove you to a special market understanding on which to construct a fruitful business, and why your group is the right one to develop and scale the undertaking. Applications that are excessively tedious or are full to the gills with the furthest down-the-line trendy expressions will probably get dismissed.

2. Get funded

Accelerators such as Microsoft for Startups usually offer seed money in exchange for equity in your company. This funding can be as much as $120,000, so it can be a wise move to make sure you do whatever you need to do to obtain this cash.

3. Follow the program

Microsoft for Startup participation gives you access to mentorship opportunities, workshops, and seminars. This will help you sharpen your entrepreneurial skills to a razor-sharp edge.

4. Take advantage of networking opportunities

You’ll have a lot of chances to connect with companions and possible financial backers as an individual from Microsoft for Startups. The individual graduated class could try and turn into the most important individuals from your organization. Thus, ensure you fabricate a hearty organization of associations that will work well for you whenever you’re finished with the program.

5. Make a splash on demo day

The Microsoft for Startups program ends with an official graduation ceremony where you’ll pitch your business idea to investors. Put together 15 to 20 pitch deck slides that’ll knock the socks off potential backers. 

How hard is it to get accepted into Microsoft for Startups?

On account of a thorough application process, it tends to be somewhat difficult to get acknowledged into the program.

Nonetheless, it tends to be definitely worth the work since, in such a case that they acknowledge you, you might actually achieve in 90 days what could take different organizations years.

To get acknowledged, you should have in excess of an ambiguous thought — you’ll require either a genuine item or, in any event, a model. Your startup should likewise:

  • Offer an innovative solution that helps customers make a digital shift 
  • Have existed for less than 5 years
  • Have less than $10M in total annual revenue 
  • Be in a Seed or Series A stage
  • Have no more than $20M in funding 

How to tell if Microsoft for Startups is right for you?

Accelerators, for example, Microsoft for Startups aren’t appropriate for each pioneer. It tends to be useful to converse with different business people who went through the program you’re thinking about to assist you with pursuing the last choice.

An accelerator may be really great for you if you:

  • Are free to relocate for three to six months
  • Can afford to spend 100% of our time working on your startup
  • Are okay with a small seed round
  • Have the ability to flourish in a high-pressure environment
  • Have more than one founder on your startup team

Before joining an accelerator, ensure it’s a good fit for your company. Does it have investors that will be a good match? What percentage of graduates go on to receive sizable funding rounds?

Accelerate Your Startup with the Right Talent

Assuming that you’re pondering joining Microsoft for Startups, an incredible spot to begin is by connecting with Hunt Club.

We can assist you with recruiting a group that won’t just build your possibilities of getting acknowledged into the program yet that additionally helps sling your startup to the following developmental phase of its excursion.

We’re a full-cycle spotter – this implies we can assume control over each part of the recruiting system for you, including:

  •  Searching talent networks for qualified candidates
  •  Interviewing
  •  Hiring
  •  Onboarding

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