We are swayed by the positive energy we carry with ourselves. The way we speak, walk and elevate our personality has a lot to do with our mindset to achieve our target goals. Sometimes when we question the purpose of our essence towards life, the answer is always to shine as being one of the brightest minds of our society and provide value towards the community and culture. 

Business Outreach Magazine champions leaders and decision-makers, who are making dominant efforts to create an inclusive team and prioritizes efficient output in their businesses. The way entrepreneurs perceive life often relates with countless revision of a project to churn out one indispensable product. Today, our edition has had the opportunity to showcase a glaring individual who understands the devotion needed to build an impeccable product and reputation for oneself. Someone who is well versed with the ropes of entrepreneurial journey by experiencing diverse industries over the last few years.

A Brief History- 

We bring you, Yatin Modi, the torch-bearer of equity, compassion and resilience. Yatin has loved to curate products which cater to the right market and niche. Yatin Modi is an Indian entrepreneur and investor, who founded the fashion brand, Dekhava, in 2022. To research about a market and dive into it with precise calculations and business strategy demands a lot of patience and expertise. 

Yatin has worked in the marketing industry for a long time before he steered his interest towards venture capital. You see, in order to love something will always portray the untiring inclination towards the project. Yatin is known to be a successful investor in several technology startups in India along with impressive investments in cryptocurrency

When we spoke to Yatin about what motivated him to start his journey towards entrepreneurship, he took to us an ever cherishing moment down the memory lane. Yatin was just 11 years old, when he realized that his peers were fans of two of the greatest football players of all time, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

He created two photo albums of these players and asked his friends about which one to be sold at the highest price. Well! Yatin gradually emerged himself into entrepreneurship and earned decent pocket money, while doing so. He dearly enjoyed the process back in schools and shares with us that every visionary has their own tale to tell. 

For some, entrepreneurship is to invent any particular product or service, which will address a current issue and renovate itself in creating a positive impact towards the community. For others, it can be the sense of freedom, which allows individuals to sculpt their own success story and uplift financial success and attain professional fulfillment. 

Struggles and Success Stories- 

Yatin Modi is a go-getter and he has never moved away from taking calculated risks in order to achieve his goals. His ethics and principles towards life has helped him treasure ample amounts of self-motivation to go through any challenges that have appeared in his way

Something Yatin is extremely proud of is his leadership skills which has inculcated as a blueprint of motivation for others and guide them towards a common objective. He is very certain about a few facts that in order to excel in a business, being a team leader is more beneficial than being a boss. And by being the leader of the team, you should always have clear goals and purpose towards a project. 

Yatin Modi has completed an MBA in Marketing from NMIMS in Mumbai. Being extremely acquainted with multiple startups, Yatin has created Dekhava with a plan of building it as one of the most successful Indian fashion brands. He has ensured sustainable passive incomes for himself, where he does his own crypto mining with a crypto trading platform.

 He is also a chain supplier of electrical goods in Maharashtra. Interesting fact about one of his projects, where he is working on an AI pot that reads the emotions of a plant. Furthermore, Yatin Modi has also partnered with a construction company, where they are undergoing multiple projects of building shopping malls. Dekhava, is another branch of his entrepreneurial venture, where Yatin aims to put forward the business to the Tir 2 and Tier 3 cities in India as one of the most affordable fashion brands in the country. 

In every success story, there has to be challenges that pose the question about your dedication towards your craftsmanship. Yatin Modi has had obstacles in financial investment and understanding the most suited way to manage the finances for the sustainability of a business. Yatin also brings out a matter of concern to find the right talent for his team. 

He had to invest time and energy in building his team that shares the similar vision towards his company. Apart from this, as a leader, Yatin was very instrumental in imparting morale to his team, which is a definite need for a company’s long term success. The quote that allows Yatin to always look into the next step often sounds like “A car has two mirrors in front for a reason. To look back and reflect on the past before making a turn towards the future.”  

Key Takeaways- 

No amount of metric can denote Yatin’s effort in building Dekhava. The company offers inexpensive and quality products like clothing and accessories for women, men, including dresses, tops, pants, skirts, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, and more. Dekhava is operational in about 220 cities in India

The team values the urgency of organic products and so they always resort to environmentally friendly materials while manufacturing their products. The gratitude towards a product often correlates with testimonials from customers that say, “I absolutely love the clothing from this brand! The quality of the fabrics is exceptional, and the designs are unique and stylish. I always receive compliments when I wear their clothes.” – Neha, Mumbai. 

Anjali from Chennai says, “I recently purchased a kurta from this brand, and it’s become my favorite piece of clothing. The fabric is soft and comfortable, and the design is elegant and understated. I’ve already recommended this brand to my friends and family.” Also Meera from Hyderabad glady shares, “I love the fusion style of this brand. 

Their clothes are a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles, and they’re perfect for any occasion. I’ve received so many compliments on the outfits I’ve purchased from them.” Yatin Modi lives by his quote that says “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” We are more than joyous to share the journey of such an entrepreneur, who is aiming for further career excellence.