Inspiration is always in short supply when it comes to elevating one’s purpose towards life. But we do not keep ourselves stagnant just waiting for ideas to pop up. There is the monstrosity of life that will always tend to kneel us to the very brink of shallowness. 

Shedding some light into any possible hope there comes certain leaders and visionaries who simply do not give up given any challenges thrown at them. Business Outreach Magazine empowers such dominating spirits who not only keep pushing the limits of success but also helps motivate the society along the way.

A Brief History- 

Thavi Achharya is a digital marketing consultant and an ads specialist, who has years of experience working with more than 50 brands. Her perspective towards life resonates from principles that she herself handcrafted since her childhood. Thavi speaks to us about the founding years of her career when she was just 16 years old and studying at college. 

We sensed resilience, compassion and desire to hone impeccable craftsmanship when we got to know more about Thavi. For her, entrepreneurship has always been the way to go over a 9 to 5 job. In spite of working more hours, Thavi loves what she puts back into the world.

Struggles and Success Stories-

Working for about 7 years in the digital marketing industry, Thavi Achharya has gathered pivotal experience in every domain. She has preferred working as a solopreneur rather than heading towards an agency. Her approach towards research and understanding the demands of her clients have always helped her bring more value to her projects

Thavi Achhaya has an impressive set of qualifications, with her PG from NMIMS & also a diploma in Advanced Digital Marketing. She is also certified by HubSpot, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Young Urban Company, and Uplers.

Thavi’s well-calculated know-how has helped many brands generate high quality leads and multiply their ROI and ROAS. Her systems of organic marketing and paid advertising on digital platforms has helped several companies with successful marketing campaigns. 

The unique service model of Thavi Achharya allows her to hyper-personalize the touchpoints of the brands and hyper-target their target audience. Also, her international exposure has allowed brands to penetrate other markets through her services. 

Key Takeaways- 

Brands like LODHA, MCaffeine, Mamaearth, Regal, Zivame, ICICI Lombard, Joey Pooh, MAAC and several others have attained value out of Thavi’s services. She has worked in both B2B and B2C industries and has supported SMEs to get about 25X ROAS at an inexpensive budget. Her services towards SMEs have helped them generate impressive revenues from digital platforms. It is for Thavi’s expertise that many B2B brands grew their engagement and leads by about 10X month-on-month with 100% organic marketing.  

Thavi Achharya is very fulfilled when she speaks about her accomplishments like being a part of Uplers talent pool, which is India’s top 3% talent as a paid ads specialist, consulting international brands such as Walmart, Amazon, Disney and more. She has also been invited to conferences like MAMA Digital Bharat 2.0, Vdonxt Asia, EVOLVE 2.0 at Meta HQ, YourStory Techsparks, and many more. 

Thavi understands that there will always be challenges being a solopreneur but she knows her clients prefer her due to her personal-level of involvement & expertise as an independent consultant. Thavi Achharya ended her interview saying, “Stop thinking of all the reasons you can’t do something, and get up and do it. You’ll thank yourself later”.