The path of leadership is tailored with hard work and countless innovation. For any entrepreneur, adding value to society is one of the most important aspects of their journey. But sometimes these pathways come with roadblocks. Interestingly, leaders are a different breed, who have aced adaptability and empowers progress. 

Today, Business Outreach Magazine wants our avid readers to meet Supreet Singh, Founder and CEO of Psychocare Health Private Limited. Supreet’s vision towards perfection is a story that evokes compassion and inspiration. 

A Brief History-

Supreet Singh is an award-winning entrepreneur who wants to shape the scalability of the healthcare industry. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a Diploma in Broadcasting and Performing Arts from Columbia Academy, Vancouver. 

With over a decade of experience in the pharmaceuticals/healthcare industry, Supreet Singh is the beacon of leadership. He has been successfully leading a team of more than 100 employees and draws huge motivation from his father Mr. Jagdeep Singh. Supreet is also drawn towards podcasts and hosts ‘The Supreet Singh Show’. 

In 2018, Radix Pharmaceuticals merged into Psychocare Health Private Limited and emerged as one of the most notable companies in the healthcare sector. Currently, the company deals in over 900 different products across 6 divisions & sister concerns with a pan-India presence. Under the leadership of Supreet Singh, PCHPL is strategizing to add 100 more products by the end of 2023. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

No matter how successful Supreet is, his curiosity to be a lifelong learner is a matter of great significance.  The company is focused on becoming a global healthcare leader and are working on various other projects as well, such as and CancareINC in Canada. They have recently expanded to the North American markets as cancareInc. 

PCHPL has received multiple awards and recognition for its contributions to the pharmaceutical sectors. They won the MSME India Business Award 2 times in a row for the years 2022 and 2023 as being the Best Enterprise of the Year (Pharmaceutical).

Key Takeaways-

On a global landscape, Cancare INC specializes in offering Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and skincare solutions tailored to meet the needs of North American customers. PCHPL recently collaborated with a healthcare organization in the US and is planning for further expansion. Although Supreet Singh had no background in the pharmaceutical industry, he was able to overcome multiple challenges because of his father’s mentorship. 

In the next 5 years, Supreet Singh is aiming to position PCHPL as one of the top 100 healthcare companies in India. When we asked Supreet about his take on progress, he said, “Innovation and equal opportunity are the keys to a brighter future. We should learn to unlearn and to adapt to changes is the key to a fulfilling life.”