Inspiration shapes the legacy of a nation. A nation that is blessed with entrepreneurs, who are strengthening the startup ecosystem demands monumental feats of appreciation. Bharat is blessed, the citizenry is blessed and blessed are the system that has scaled the economy remarkably in the last couple of years. Analyzing the proactive measures of leaders, creating a successful business model cannot be textually described. But it can be the outcome of critical thinking, patience and decades of hard work. Business Outreach Magazine collaborates with Sharad Hegde, whose two decades of experience in the media industry places him as a phenomenal visionary. 

Sharad Hegde

Sharad Hegde founded Iris Global Media with the aim to deliver state-of-the-art marketing services to its growing diverse clientele. Sharad is scaling as a stellar entrepreneur at a time when the modern business landscape has embraced the progress of innovation and technological advancements. The media landscape is vast and Sharad is at the forefront championing sustainability and growth. The most interesting fact for Sharad is the growing integration of Artificial Intelligence. He envisions a future where leadership and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leveraging the evolution of the media industry.

Being an ‘architect of change’, Sharad Hegde’s contribution to the media industry has been draped with compassion and a drive for excellence. He recollects the beginning of his career, when he joined an ad agency with the dedication to contribute his creative perspective to marketing. Interestingly, Sharad recognized gaps in the domain where consumer experience demanded a more strategic product delivery. By navigating the scalability in events and movie production, Sharad Hegde moved forward in creating Iris Global Media. This approach, although expressed by Sharad’s calculated risks, revolutionized the media industry. Iris Global Media, under the supervision of Sharad Hegde fosters collaboration with key stakeholders with the concluding outcome of churning unparalleled customer experience. 

Sharad shares that building Iris Global Media was to him, a benchmark of perseverance, amidst uncertainty in an ever evolving media industry. There are leaders who lead and there are visionaries, who aim to inspire and grow together. Sharad Hegde positions himself as the latter, who believes in an inclusive work-culture. He is the ideal protagonist of the society, who takes environmental sustainability as a pivotal metric for business growth. Sharad Hegde achieved a phenomenal milestone by getting appointed as the VP of Events and Media for the private office of Highness Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi.

Sharad knows that the future of our planet is solely our responsibility as an individual. He moves forward in shaping effective business models and partnering with emerging technologies, based on the derivatives of an eco-friendly society. We, the editorial team at Business Outreach Magazine, appreciate Sharad Hegde’s holistic spirit and entrepreneurial mindset. To grow as a business, Sharad understands the necessary steps of harmonizing efforts that cater to the prosperity of the environment. It is impressive to analyze that Sharad Hegde’s philosophy of a successful team comes from embracing diverse ideas. Being heard in a team not only boosts morale but Sharad adds that it scales a company at an impressive rate.

When it comes to educational background, Sharad Hegde holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. This knowledge creates a solid foundation in marketing and customer relations. This educational background has instilled in Sharad, strategic acumen and leadership skills which is a necessity to succeed in the industry of media and entertainment. The modern economy is relentless in terms of collaborating with technology. Iris Global Media led by Sharad Hedge, is surpassing exceptional feats of innovation by pushing their boundaries. They are the trendsetter that advocates for out-of-the-box concepts that paint value towards the audience and society. Sharad is extremely vocal about the fact that business should synergize with progress and inspiration. These two factors ensure that the economy is concerned about sustainability and moves forward to protect our environment. There cannot be any debate around the fact that the team of Iris Global Media puts tireless work ethics and unwavering dedication as the motto. 

For more than 19 years, Sharad Hegde has shaped Iris Global Media in delivering impactful solutions to their clientele. Their reputation towards customer satisfaction supersedes all expectations. Over the years, Iris Global Media has worked with several clients from multinational organizations to emerging startups. Sharad Hegde is also a mentor, who is guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs with resources and opportunities. He believes that the growth of Bharat’s success aligns with the startup ecosystem that could work as a vibrant landscape of innovation. Iris Global Media believes in creating long-lasting relationships with clients that is built on mutual respect and professionalism. Sharad Hegde’s commitment to the media industry has earned him several awards like Industry Leadership Award, Creative Excellence Award, Client Satisfaction Award and the Innovation Award. 

Sharad Hegde’s strategic vision to identify industry trends has helped Iris Global Media to stay ahead in the growth curve and quickly adapt to any market changes. Innovation is the key to business success and Sharad Hegde aced strategizing cutting-edge events to digital campaigns. There will always be challenges in entrepreneurship. Sharad Hegde has been navigating challenges in the industry while learning from experiences. Working with strict ethical measures has been important for Sharad. He shares that maintaining integrity amidst ensuring business growth is essential for mapping long-term success. Most importantly, the media industry is built on artistic approach and creativity. Upholding these skills while analyzing commercial viability is a critical task. 

When it comes to success, Sharad acknowledges that it is not based on luck, but perseverance. The pathway to success goes beyond literal definition and comes with grit, proactive efforts and patience. Sharad is highly motivated by a quote by Thomas Edison, who says, “One percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Throughout his career, Sharad is the marvelous testament of hard work and consistency. He takes us back to the time, when his career grew from countless hours of strategic steps. Sharad Hedge aims to grow Iris Global Media as the powerhouse of dynamic content. Additionally, Sharad aims to take Iris Global Media to global markets by exploring new avenues of growth and empowering meaningful, long-lasting collaboration. When we asked Sharad Hedge on his take on life and success, he said, “Success is not about avoiding hardships, but about embracing them as stepping stones to greatness. It’s in our ability to persevere through challenges, learn from failures, and keep pushing forward that we uncover our true potential as entrepreneurs.”