An eye for detail is generally a tough piece of skill you get to have today. Everyone seems to be running, some might not know behind what. But what if the purpose of life does seem to be understood and we put in effort to do whatever possible just to embrace that feeling of completeness. 

Life often takes us through a bumpy road, but it is us who get to hold onto that strap and pass the storm. Such has been the experience of Ranjeth Bhuvaneswaran, who started his career in research and development and gradually steered his path towards  Branding and Software service provider.

A Brief History: 

Ranjeth Bhuvaneswaran has helped over 1000 clients serving with impeccable services in advertising, graphic design, video editing, VFX and Animation, digital marketing, web development and many others. He has effectively built a reputation of himself where major clients like Byaddi, A Meraki Production, Vooki, The Button Story, Mon Studio and several others have collaborated with him. 

Ranjeth has always been an admirer of music and used to steer his creative passion towards mixing and producing music. Gradually his mind also took him to formulate interesting designs, which inspired him to create ejnarstudios

Ranjeth is a free bird with wings always looking to expand. And he started ejnarstudios with his skills in designing and advertising which branched out towards app development, software solutions along with services that offers a complete package from branding. 

Ranjeth’s career started in research, where his studies mainly focused on cancer treatment. He worked with organizations like BHAVINI Kalpakkam, Suzuki R&D Japan, BARC and many more. Taking us down memory lane, Ranjeth speaks to us about his band from his college days, where he used to mix the songs and made interesting designs. 

From there, he dived into freelancing, where he did several projects with reputed brands. When we spoke about Ranjeth Bhuvaneswaran’s educational qualification, he has excelled with an implacable academic record over with 5 degrees in various fields which includes a Doctorate too.

Some Key Takeaways: 

Being a digital marketing coach himself, Ranjeth knows how technology and digital foundation plays a pivotal role in today’s business. He embraces innovation by entrepreneurs and extends his hand of support to them for their idea and business to thrive in the market, by giving the right support towards branding. 

Ranjeth has won several awards like the 2018 AI-Summit Manufacturing in Robotics and automation, the 2019 Zoho your story award in Celebrating Entrepreneurship, in 2021,Social media partner by Indian media works, in 2022, Emerging Media & Advertising Agency of the year by The Global pride awards and so many others. 

Staying dominant in the industry for more than 4 years, Ranjeth has served more than 50 clients nationally and internationally in more than 1,000 projects. He is proud to have a supportive and skillful team, who share the same passion as he.

Ranjeth believes that “We got one shot of life why waste time in sleep”. You get to decide where your time goes, you can either spend moving forward, or you can spend it setting fires. You decide. Every next level of your life will demand a different you”.