The time of an innovator is ticking with the passage of priceless ideas. When it comes to the breakthroughs in environmental and climatic uplifting, the matter is too indispensable to let go. In our current times, the citizenry is encircled with the usage of plastic materials for almost anything and everything. 

This has been creating lasting adverse effects in our environment for decades. Our readers will be coming across a leader who has been making pivotal efforts to solve the sustainability concerns of our community. Business Outreach Magazine wants you to know Prakhar Pranjwal, who believes that collaboration will enhance our action towards a greener future. 

A Brief History- 

Prakhar Pranjwal is a researcher, innovator and a developer of sustainable development goals. His ultimate objective is to welcome ideas and projects into our society that will help us tackle the plastic concerns. These projects are awarded by the top universities and organizations and aim to solve the adverse environmental effects in our society.  

He has been dominant in contributing to the sustainable sector and knows that nobody should let this formulate just into the hands of scientists and innovators. All of us co-exist in a society that has gifted us immense natural resources and we should learn to protect those for our future. There cannot be a single project that will solve the climate issue concerns. 

As a part of the community, Prakhar wants the best for all and aims to give relevant value back to the society. It is the belief that Prakhar lives by that a leader is not the person who just tells what to do, but ideates the entire structure and gives a hand to every possible opportunity possible. The most important aspect in bolstering the efficiency of a greener environment is to understand the demands of the community and how Prakhar can help them in fulfilling those.

Struggles and Success Stories- 

With knowledge in areas like Aerospace, STEM, Geology and Neuroscience, Prakhar Pranjwal has led research projects in IISC, NAR, IIRS, and SSPI. Prakhar founded the TTR and EPY Program along with ECO EFFORT. With the help of these non profit programs, Prakhar has forwarded free educational resources to everyone who needs it along with conducting boot camps for uplifting the skills of the youth. 

Prakhar’s expertise in his industry has led his vision towards great accomplishments which includes an upcoming partnering with international clients and launching multiple products online.

Key Takeaways-

The products manufactured by Prakhar’s company are eco-friendly, child-friendly and pet friendly. These are made of eco waste and are luxurious offerings that are easy to decompose and have features that can be used like a seed. The items also contain some compounds that can increase the fertility rates of soil when decomposed. 

Prakhar urges us to understand that these items are made from natural resources and have no artificial colors or materials. With an affordable rate, these premium products aim to replace the plastic counterparts and help tackle climate and environmental concerns of the modern age. Prakhar goes by the principle that “Belief creates the actual fact”. 

He has overcome several challenges along the way like creating a solid team and initiating the business model towards a growth-centric structure. Prakhar voices his urgency towards everyone that entrepreneurship demands positive impact towards the society. He aims to delve into further sustainable businesses and wants us to empower the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Such a remarkable mindset like Prakhar Pranjwal will take him to further success.