We are the writers of our own destiny, where we choose the words best suited in our journey. Yes! There will be challenges and roadblocks, but it is a part of the process of creating a legacy. What’s interesting to understand is that no matter how much you succeed in your goals, society will bring patriarchy and judgements. 

But there are leaders, who are at the top, who have been cutting such thorns for centuries. The very joy in achieving something could always be draped with suffering and limitless hardships. Today, we have been extremely thoughtful regarding the journey of one such visionary, who has whole-heartedly embraced her work to be an unbiased collaborator. Business Outreach Magazine has never been prouder to feature champions like Poonam Chaudhary, a forward-thinker in the real estate industry. 

A Brief History-

Poonam gladly empowers the beauty in ticking off her to-do lists. And that list surely defines some significant leaps of objectives. Upon our discussion with Poonam, we could analyze that the system is still a taxing step from a patriarchal perspective. 

Women succeeding in leadership might be appreciated by the young and vibrant minds. Poonam felt the limitless opportunities in a career-oriented individual. It was and always will be work and not any matrimonial vision. She shares that she is happy to be self-dependent as the other way has been to get married. It is hugely inspirational to seek such leaders in modern times, who are women, magnificent and exceptional. 

Her first own brand was MOY, which exported shampoos, body lotions and several similar products to Kabul. But due to the severe changes in Afghanistan, that venture had difficulties in sustaining itself. Currently, Poonam Chaudhary is a beacon in real estate sales. Her productivity in this industry is unmatched, specifically in residential properties. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Her benchmark work includes regions like Bahadurgarh, Noida, Dubai and latest in Manesar. Poonam took several life lessons from her father, who was an expert in real estate. But during his era, facts suggest that 99% of leaders in real estate were men. Now, times have changed that there is a gender ratio in leadership that is balancing itself. She has always believed in under commitments and over performance. 

In 2008, Poonam Chaudhary met the CMD of Arham Iron Limited at an event. Mr Arham offered a job to Poonam in sales. Arham was an iron steel trading company and they were looking for the branch head for their Delhi office. It was her first job offer in sales and Poonam gladly accepted it. 

Back then the company gave Poonam, a target of 1000 metric tons. Poonam had no idea regarding the metrics and strategies for selling such a target. Interestingly, when Arham’s higher management met their astrologer to consult about their hiring process, they were strongly advised to give Poonam the highest position possible in the company. And Poonam Chaudhary was made the CEO in her first job. 

She handled cold calls, meetings, sales, closures and in 5 months, the business earned about Rs. 70 crore. Poonam ensures minimum investment and maximum business. Her strategies generated Rs. 35 crore business with just Rs. 9000 of marketing. In Bahadurgarh, she spent about Rs. 10 lakh and generated about Rs. 280 crore business. 

Later Poonam Chaudhary became the head of sales and marketing of Purvanchal, a renowned brand of real estate. She was given the Royal City, Purvanchal project. Without taking a single leave in 6 months, Poonam achieved the business target provided to her by the CMD. Poonam’s massive leaps of success does not stop here. She was the senior vice president. HL Residency, where she handled a high rise project in Bahadurgarh. 

Key Takeaway-

Although the local real estate network was against the high rise project, Poonam Chaudhary worked 16 to 17 hours a day and handled crm, sales, marketing, vetting of documents, graphic designing. The area was more inclined towards plots and hinted at a risk for the high rise project. But upon launching about 1,000 flats under affordable housing, Poonam sold all the inventory before the first draw and received almost 25% extra applications. 

In Dubai, Poonam has worked for Sobha and there too performed very well from the first week of joining. Poonam Chaudhary became the Sales Director after being the only Indian competing with 15 other individuals. Now, Poonam’s latest 200 acres project is the golden city in Manesar, where she is heading sales for residential and industrial plots. Under her leadership, sales have boosted 75% on a monthly basis.

Poonam Chaudhary is going to start her own Project Management Consultancy firm, where she will work with one builder at a time. Some of her target regions are Gurgaon, Noida, Karnal, Rohatk and Sonipat. She also has a very strong legal team where they will take care of litigation. It will be a PMC module with legal services. When we asked Poonam about her thoughts on inspiration, she said, “Limit only exists in mind.”