Knowledge and resilience are the essential pillars of entrepreneurship. In today’s fast-paced economy, innovation is always taking a front seat towards societal progress. After the introduction of the internet, technology has come a long way where it has become more interactive and advanced. Artificial Intelligence has disrupted the tech industry and leaders have started to navigate their expertise for the future. But what lies in the future is an inconclusive statement. There can only be evidence of the present, where visionaries like Nishant Gupta are excelling remarkably with a vibrant take on technology. 

A Brief History-

Business Outreach Magazine empowers forward-thinkers like Nishant Gupta who shares passion towards building sustainable digital systems for the nation. With more than 16 years of experience in enterprise applications, Nishant Gupta co-founded the SaaS platform, DevSecCops. Over the years, Nishant accumulated prominent knowledge and know-how of cloud security, cost optimization and platform development charters. The tech industry is vocal about Nishant’s contribution to creating a revolutionary micro services based platform. DevSecCops can onboard any service with zero manual intervention using Kubernetes, Service Mesh, Secrets management tools etc. 

Under the leadership of Nishant Gupta, DevSecCops saves cost up to 70%, where the streamline process allows one-click 90-minute onboarding to a highly scalable and reliable Kubernetes based platform. Developers have the provision of enhanced flexibility with GitOps tools tailored with CI/CD pipeline. The platform also portrays one-click infrastructure Security scan along with AI-driven issue rectification without production downtime. Nishant helped many people to become entrepreneurs. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

He motivated his wife to start an IT consulting and IT recruitment company once we came back from Singapore and she has been running Natalie consultants bootstrapped successfully for the past 3 years. Nishant Gupta also created leaders and helped them to grow as a leader in their career.

Nishant was just 20 years old when he initiated towards entrepreneurship. During this time, Nishant built a company in college to collaborate on multiple engineering projects. By 21, he had dipped his toes into the corporate sector. But the urge to build a product of his own always fascinated Nishant. After working in several countries like Dubai, Singapore and Denmark, Nishant Gupta returned to India to take part in the startup ecosystem of our nation. DevSecCops is built on the years of industry of Nishant, who has been helping startups scale up to 1,000 times on cloud architectures, containerisation and automation solutions for various domains, such as telecom, robotics, edtech and aviation. 

Nishant’s leadership walks towards the direction which expresses vast prowess on cloud computing and focusing more on problem solving. Nishant Gupta started his career at IBM and invested about 7 years in the company. 

Key Takeaways-

This was followed by further quest in being a part of Fidelity’s Central Automation team. After that, Nishant Gupta worked at a consulting company. Over his insightful career, Nishant Gupta had the opportunity to work with clients like Mckinsey, BTPN client in Jakarta, Emirates in Dubai and many more. His job in Denmark was for a robotics company, where he integrated their physical robots with the cloud platform. 

Nishant saved about 1.2 million USD in cloud costs and fixed highly critical issues. In the following years, Nishant Gupta is aiming to devote to the holistic trillion dollar economy of Bharat and build an innovative unicorn from India. When we asked Nishant Gupta about his perspective on success, he said, “Always follow your passion and instinct. Each has its own time zone. You will succeed one day.”