The courage to step foot into the unknown demands enough patience and resilience from any perspective. It is always better said than done when it comes to diving into the playing field and delivering relevant actions to accelerate the change. 

India is now the third largest country for the startup ecosystem in the world. And such a massive revolution occurred due to the visions generated by entrepreneurs. Business Outreach Magazine channels the voices of these leaders who are making every effort by devoting countless hours only to take the objective towards its ultimate glory. 

A Brief History- 

Muhammad Anas is the founder and CEO of Enord Pvt. Ltd which is working on drones based on an AI ecosystem. The journey of Muhammad began during the second year of his college. His curiosity towards innovation in drones compelled his mind to delve into his first bootstrapped venture followed by fundraising for his second venture in this niche. When we asked Mr. Anas about the things which gives him peace amidst all the struggles of entrepreneurialism, he expressed the foundation of a solid team who are emitting the same passion towards the projects.

It has been a long time that Muhammad has bolstered a tech community which he incorporated as OPC Pvt. Ltd. in 2019. It was also during this time Anas came across Zain Saeed, who collaborated with Anas as COO and Co-Founder to form Enord Pvt.Ltd. Anas has sculpted the skills of leadership with stellar communication methods. He tells us that he wants to lead the drone industry by creating autonomous drones that operate with AI on edge. 

Struggles and Success Stories- 

Muhammad Anas completed his graduation from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University as an IT Engineer in 2022. He also completed courses on Artificial Intelligence on Edge from Intel and Nvidia coupled with multiple certifications on similar domains. Anas has his goal to solve the intricacies of the drone industry that comes with several key pain points. 

With growing demands on the functioning of drones in several industries, Anas wants to provide well-tailored solutions to the market that focuses on efficiency and seamless experience for the end-users. In the words of Anas, is not just perfecting the drone industry, but to emerge as a champion mentor showering blueprints of success to future entrepreneurs.  

In life, there are moments and we want our readers to understand these times. Times when you will face a surge of opportunities and ideas heading towards you. Considering the delicacy of the situation it is always advised to hold onto these creative pursuits and make the most out of this. Muhammad Anas did the exact thing when he achieved gold medals in science and engineering fairs in his college days from zonal and state levels. The breakthrough Anas was waiting for came when he represented his college in International Robo Wars organized by IIT Bombay. You see, Anas is just 23 years old and he has already incorporated a drone manufacturing company that is based on AI systems. Muhammad Anas says, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” 

In every path to success there will be challenges. It is up to you how to react to it. Failures often impart wisdom and these entrepreneurs have their blood running with such wisdoms. Anas opens up to us about times when he had limited capital to manage the business model of his projects. 

We have to understand that the drone industry is still at a very nascent stage in India. Muhammad Anas tackled every obstacle that hit his objective with formidable opposition. He sorted out a working space for his and his team’s project in the Incubation Center of IIIT Delhi. With great desire for achieving the goals, Anas managed to gather funds from IIT Mandi Catalyst and iHub. Every business needs a beacon of guidance and Muhammad Anas gathered mentorship from IIM Kozhikode LIVE with deep interest to enter the defense industry through iTIC IIT Hyderabad and getting to know the relevant policies and compliances. 

Key Takeaways- 

Enord Pvt. Ltd. is said to be India’s first company to develop AI Pilot Drone (INSPECTOR®) which is the world’s most intelligent drone under 7 Kgs of weight with an ability to compute over 200 TOPs on the edge that comes with an end-to-end ecosystem of autonomy (AI Drone) and building an IP-based business, targeting industries and government sectors. 

Enord took part in the Miety Scale Up Grant Scheme, where the team got selected for Tide 2.0 Scale Up Grant, supported by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. Several other accolades include IIT Mandi Catalyst HST Event, where Anas and his team exhibited and demonstrated their technology Al Pilot Drone Prototype, which is capable of flying in confined spaces and in a GPS denied environment. 

Reports indicate that the drone industry in India was standing at a valuation of Rs. 6,700 crore in FY2020 and is showing an expected growth of 14.5% by 2026. Muhammad Anas along with Enord Pvt. Ltd. show no signs of stopping as they understand the potential of the industry. 

Recently, Enord has collaborated with Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-Delhi) and signed an MoU to initiate joint research on drones and its innovative operations. Enord was shortlisted in top 10 participants in the phase-2 of Mehar Baba Challenge-II (MBC-II) by the Indian Air force and which inculcates to providing our nation with industry-standard defense tech that also has the potential to reach international markets in the near future. We truly believe in the action plan of Muhammad Anas leading Enord to great heights. 

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