This is the best time to be alive and thriving in life. Being our reader, your curiosity excites us about learning leaders who make a diverse difference in our society. What if we tell you that the curtains are removed today to showcase a personality, whose experience and expertise in the digital branding industry surpassed benchmarks of success! 

Growth can be a well-balanced metric to us all. But the right mindset of a leader takes any business to tremendous heights of achievements. The tale of Kunal Dron, CEO and Founder, Kensica, share such similar aspects of conscious supervision and effective leadership. 

A Brief History-

You see the product behind any business provides value to the customers, that business is meant to scale. And when it comes to modern day business, working around digital branding is a promising industry. This is because as a founder of a digital branding agency, you are helping other businesses reach their target audience and seeking commendable revenue and also seamlessly earning a reputation in the process. 

Kunal Dron is a straight arrow, where he shares that creativity and team discussion has brought him remarkable results and that is his choice for a successful business in any global landscape. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Kunal still remembers the time when he founded Kensica back in 2021. Getting to leave his home in Solan, Himachal Pradesh indeed requires some deep thoughts towards life. His recollection of his thoughts renovating in his Noida apartment after countless hours draws him inspiration to move forward in his entrepreneurial journey. Since, he has been more than joyful to have curated a strong and supportive team. 

That timeline of the company taught the team how to set up a sustainable operational business model, which has garnered impressive revenue till date. It is because of untapped enthusiasm that this Mumbai-based company has been able to complete more than 5,000 projects, about 3,000 PR campaigns and promoted more than 2,500 brands. 

The conclusive feedback from more than 3,500 happy clients is the valid efficacy of Kensica’s way of providing values, under the leadership of Kunal Dron. 

Key Takeaways-

After winning several awards like the India Business Conclave 2023 by GTF, Brands Impact National Fame Awards 2023 with Mrs. Esha Deol as the chief guest, Kunal Dron says that he is just getting started. Social media is a strong term in building a business today and Kensica is working towards providing the best digital branding services to their clients. With the company’s team of experts, they believe that every brand has a different voice. So it is very important to create a successful project based on the vision of the client. 

One of the chief factors of Kensica’s success is that they are both a B2B and B2C branding agency. So the alignment with latest industry trends is very crucial for Kensica. 

Kunal Dron is very active when it comes to the consistent training of his team. Services like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) followed by content marketing and strategy with paid advertisement requires the team to always stay at the top of their game. Kunal Dron says, “I am grateful for the achievements and I truly believe in providing the highest quality of services to our clients”.