The ultimate goal in entrepreneurship is to empower others in moving forward and getting inspired. Leaders shaping Bharat’s startup ecosystem, have a pivotal part in curating a pathway for the society which evokes sustainability and progress. Business Outreach Magazine is all about fostering the holistic process of Bharat’s economic scalability. Today, we are collaborating with Keshav Suri, whose resilience in excelling in the digital marketing landscape expresses great deal of motivation. 

Keshav Suri

Keshav Suri founded Digital Keshav Academy with the goal to help students who are aiming to dive into digital marketing. In the digital era, it is crucial for businesses to establish their online presence. Keshav, being the vibrant individual he is, is helping startups fortify their business in the digital spectrum. Entrepreneurship can be challenging due to the fact that it demands strategic thinking. But Keshav Suri shares that the process of witnessing his students succeed in their career is rewarding to the fullest extent. Digital Keshav Academy guides its pupils with an effective learning ecosystem that is designed to provide top-notch education. 

While studying the story of Keshav Suri, we could only sense courage and perseverance. Keshav left his house at the age of 18 towards a road to seek purpose. Being born and brought up in Haryana, Keshav found it overwhelming to start his business in Surat, Gujarat. He shares with us that scaling a business in a new city with a new language can be a taxing task. But with compassion and gratitude, he overcame any roadblocks that came in the way. Digital Keshav Academy, under the supervision of Keshav Suri, synergizes with impactful knowledge sharing and growth. When it comes to education Keshav Suri graduated from Kalinga University. He achieved several professional certifications from platforms like Google, Hubspot Academy and Facebook. 

For Keshav, digital marketing should also be accessible to small businesses. He contributes his expertise in helping emerging businesses have a fair chance of competing with established companies, when it comes to digital business. In his more than 10 years of experience in this field, Keshav Suri has partnered with clients from several sectors like Hospitality, Textile, Manufacturing Units, Pharm & many more. In the following years, Keshav Suri is aiming to guide more than 10,000 students in learning digital marketing, thereby expanding Digital Suri Academy. When we asked Keshav Suri on his take on success, he said, “Never Quit in Life. Bad times come and go but if you quit in that time you quit the good opportunities.”