Indian-origin CEOs are governing the world, particularly in the technology business, with the most prominent examples being Google and Microsoft, the market’s two titans who are transforming the world.

When Parag Agrawal was named CEO of Twitter, he created quite a stir. Following in the footsteps of Parag Agrawal, another Indian-origin person is making news. His name is Jagdeep Singh, and he is the CEO of a US battery startup called QuantumScape. The reason for Jagdeep Singh’s recent attention is his large remuneration package.

Who is Jagdeep Singh, QuantumScape’s Founder and CEO?

Indian-origin Jagdeep Singh is the CEO of the American startup QuantumScape Corp., which specializes in energy storage. Jagdeep Singh is the founder and CEO of QuantumScape Corp, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Jagdeep Singh received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Stanford University and his MBA from the University of California. Jagdeep Singh is the founder of many firms, including Lighter Networks and AirSoft, according to his LinkedIn profile.

When was QuantumScape founded?

From 2001 through 2009, Jagdeep Singh was the founder and CEO of Infinera. QuantumScape was founded in 2010 by Jagdeep Singh, Tim Home, and Stanford University Professor Fritz Prinz.

Who is putting money into QuantumScape?

QuantumScape is a corporation based in the United States that does research on solid-state lithium metal batteries for electric vehicles. The company is based in San Jose, California, and employs approximately 400 employees. Singh created QuantumScape in 2010 with early backing from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and automaker Volkswagen.

Is it possible that QuantumScape just solved a 40-year-old battery problem?

If electric vehicles are to completely replace gas-guzzling vehicles on the world’s roadways, they will require an altogether new sort of battery. Now, QuantumScape experts have created a new battery technology that, in four years, will be able to provide inexpensive, long-distance rides in electric vehicles.

The new batteries (dubbed Solid-state lithium metal batteries) have a higher capacity than traditional lithium-ion batteries, can recharge faster, and operate cooler. Furthermore, the batteries charge without degrading over time, which is something lithium batteries are notorious for.

One of the most significant scientific advancements executed by the QuantumScape team is the replacement of liquid in lithium-ion batteries with a strip of metal, which makes them safer and less prone to burning.

A large salary package for Jagdeep Singh was unanimously accepted at a recent shareholder meeting. According to proxy advisory company Glass Lewis, the shares awarded to Jagdeep Singh are valued at around the US $2.3 billion (Rs 17,486 crore in Indian currency).

Let’s hope that Jagdeep Singh’s QuantumScape’s battery breakthroughs can assist usher in the EV revolution we’ve all been waiting for.

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