Life is a powerful string of unity, love, and accompaniment. These emotions can be present in any strata of society and does not limit itself to money, power, and social presence. In our society, we live for oneself and also for each other, for it is the collaboration of humankind to thrive in such a wonderful earth. 

In full disclosure, although the world is not just black and white, we tend to make it fill with colors dark and grim. Today’s age has been ravaged by envy and violence, where no one is bothered to lend a hand to pull a fellow friend from struggles. 

On one hand, where the earth is getting innovative with advanced technologies to improve the quality of life, the other side of the coin seems to portray deception and betrayal. This is no whimsical tale but the fear of realism that is crippling us all. 

A Brief Background : 

Business Outreach Magazine tends to shed some light on this lasting phenomenon by bringing our avid readers the story of a marvelous personality and people’s favorite, Ishu Kalra. To curious minds, Ishu Kalra is a social activist, who has dedicated his life towards the betterment of people in society. 

His undivided resilience towards helping the needy has gained showers of praise from eminent personalities like Sania Mirza, a tennis player along with several Bollywood and pollywood celebrities. But underneath all the applause and appreciation, who is Ishu Kalra?

To that, we will say Ishu is a kind and generous soul who lives a simple life and has simple goals to push optimism towards the present times. Ishu Kalra set up his NGO ‘Humanity NGO’ in the year 2019, which was followed by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020. Ishu and his team were always up on their toes and devoted their health and perseverance towards the local communities. 

Struggles and Success Stories : 

From arranging langar to providing ration and clothes, Ishu Kalra climbed the mountain of challenges in those times of cries and massacre. This moment takes us back to those burning fires in the funeral ghats and Ishu bottled up all his fear and led a team towards welfare. He tells us that it is not about doing good towards society, but also to feed the happiness that lies in our hearts in helping people. 

Ishu Kalra is a staunch believer of Lord Shiva and with God’s blessing, Ishu has faced every challenge along the way of his humanitarian purpose which even included life threats from powerful people. For Ishu, humanity is his first religion and his selfless attitude towards his welfare mindset gained him undying respect and faith from the people. Ishu Kalra completed his schooling from St. Joseph Boys School in Jalandhar and his Bachelors in Business Administration from APJ College. 

Some key Takeaways : 

He also runs a wholesale retail business in electrical goods in Jalandhar and lives to do something good for society. With huge assistance from the Government and celebrities, Ishu Kalra is making a strong difference in stopping social injustice like dowry, helping people in poverty and voicing the need to help each other in modern society. We are with him wishing him more strength and good vibes.