Business and leadership collaborate to ensure success. The most crucial aspect is determining the worth of a product sold to clients. Customers prioritize things that fit effortlessly into their lifestyle. When purchasing a product, consumers want reliability. Customers’ preferences determine affordability. Bharat is a huge and diverse market where buyers prioritize synchronizing their lives with emotions. Consider purchasing a high-ticket commodity, such as a house, where people practice rituals to promote calm and contentment. Houses are marketed as emotive products before being considered investments. Henry Boby Jose, a 20-year-old native of Kerala and extraordinary leader, shares his views on sales as a holistic process.

Henry Boby Jose

Henry, an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, believes in the power of powerful sales. He started Morning Star Consultants to assist SMEs grow by providing effective advice in product development, staffing, and smooth operational support. Most importantly, he has always delved deeply into the what and why of running a successful firm. “I conducted extensive research on my target audience’s needs and product preferences. I owe it to patience, which has led me to learn more about the unique characteristics of any product,” the young entrepreneur remarked of his marketing and operational expertise. Henry is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Amity Business School in Mumbai. He says, “My HOI, Dr. Bhawana Sharma Padroo has always been a mentor and given constant support and guidance.”

He adds “When selling a product, listen more, understand the customer’s needs and requirements, and modify your pitch based on his needs and how it will benefit his company. To me, a sale should be a win-win situation for all parties involved. To do so, you must get the product right, the price right, and, most importantly, the value your product brings to the table right.” He has been enormously driven by the path of firms like OYO, Book My show, and OfBusiness, all of which are innovators in the industries they operate in, which are marketing geniuses who understand what is best for their customers.

Henry painted the walls and finished the setup for Game Co, a gaming club in Thodupuzha, Idukki. “I want to resonate with the process of building a business that could drive organic sales in the future.” He commented about his early journey. Interestingly, Henry emphasizes the quality of services that can make a customer a member of an elite club. He tells the narrative of luxury brands that offer more than simply an expensive product, but also the sense of belonging to a distinct group.

In business, trust is the most important factor for success. If your sales pitch instills trust and product quality, you’ve won half the battle in customer retention. Empowering sales will make a product sparkle like a diamond, and painting the quality of its value will ensure corporate sustainability. When we talked with Henry about his approach to success, he stated, “Talk less, listen more to the client. You cannot turn a no into a yes without a maybe in between.”