The industry of construction and design holds a key place in the hearts of the clients. The sector demands visual artistry that should be fulfilled with premium materials. As a client, when you look into the intricate details of an interior, the materials used should ooze high-quality texture. 

Today, we want our readers to analyze the pivotal benefits of a premium tile joint epoxy. We can come to a conclusion that with time, tile joints tend to become unhygienic and lose its visual appeal. But there are companies backed with impeccable leadership that aims to address these subtle, yet necessary pain points of the customer. 

A Brief History-

Durofill is a tile joint epoxy that has disrupted the market with its glossy and vibrant composition. Apart from ensuring a durable tile joint solution, Durofill comes with a sophisticated visual mastery that transforms an ordinary space into fine work of art. 

Haris Ahamed, Founder of Durofill, shares with us that the company has always prioritized innovation. Being in the market for 7 years, Durofill glass epoxy has been sold through more than 300 retail tile shops and this phenomenal growth owes to Haris’s compassion towards his work. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Time has been evident of the fact that adapting to new methods can be overwhelming. After Durofill reached out to the tile workers, they were quite hesitant to embrace the innovative product. Almost 95% of workers did not support the inclusive offering of Durofill. 

But with a stellar product value, it took the remaining 5% workers to consider experimenting with Durofill in the market. Haris offered a solution with Durofill and the market appreciated it. When clients started to demand Durofill glass epoxy, shops and tile workers started collaborating with Durofill. Haris is the brilliant mind behind the game-changing product that is reshaping the way we look at tile joints. 

Key Takeaways-

Looking closely into the industry, Durofill was successful in bringing the right product with the right solution. Durofill is than just a tile joint epoxy, but a revolutionary product enhancing the elegance of tile joints. Durofill is engineered to withstand the test of time. Its robust composition ensures that the joints remain intact, resisting wear and tear even in high-traffic areas. Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial property, Durofill aims to offer sustainability and reliability. It is for the trust of the clients that Durofill is scaling at a rapid pace. The product’s flexibility helps professionals and DIY enthusiasts to advocate a user-friendly process. When we asked Haris about his note on success, he said, “Think out of the box.”