There can be very few examples of noble deeds of embracing knowledge and sharing it with society. It fosters inspiration and creates a community of compassion. When a leader chooses to shape their entrepreneurial career as a mentor, it attracts a profound sense of pride. Business Outreach Magazine has been identifying such leaders for the past few years. Today, readers, we analyze the success story of Dr. P. Prasant, who has built his remarkable reputation in the domain of technology and digital education.

Dr. P. Prasant

Dr. P. Prasant founded Coding Pathshala in 2022 to seek profuse motivation for learning through a vast list of digital courses in India. It is for the love of teaching, especially in the marginalized communities, P. Prasant empowered more than 10,000 engineering and MBA students. We cannot rest until appreciating Prasant’s key commitments in mentoring more than 12 startups, as an Innovation Ambassador. What’s interesting to understand is that Prasant grows for a mindset that values legacy. His objective to become a teacher gradually developed from seeing his grandfather working as a principal. Dr. P. Prasant has been ahead of his time when he quickly noticed gaps in the educational landscape of the rural regions in Odisha. 

The first step to be the one you want yourself to be is very important. P. Prasant became the youngest registrar in India and as a Deputy Dean, his positive approach towards knowledge has inspired thousands of students. When it comes Prasant’s educational background, he completed his Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) and Master of Computer Applications (MCA) from Mangalam School of Management Technology. In 2021, Prasant received an honorary Doctorate in Computer Application and Information Technology (Cyber Security) from the World Human Rights Protection Commission. By 2023, he completed his Ph.D. in Computer Application and Information Technology from Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj University in Kanpur. 

Currently, Dr. P. Prasant is the Registrar and Associate Professor at the School of Information Technology at the Asian Institute of Public Health (AIPH) in Bhubaneswar. In regards to his profession, Dr. P. Prasant has conducted training sessions for over 100,000 students, where he shared deep insights on Cybersecurity and Ethical Behavior. He has contributed to over 7 research papers, holding about 12 patents and authored six books about diverse topics on business and technology. 

Some of the awards won by Dr. P. Prasant are India Pride Award, Young Bharat Gaurav Shri Samman Award, Best Faculty Award Winner 2020 by the International Academic and Research Excellence Award (IARE-2020) and Vedant Best Teaching – Learning Practices Award. Prasant shares that there have always been challenges like financial constraints and aligning seamless systems of digital literacy for marginalized sections of the community. But he succeeded with resilience and embracing innovation. In the following years, Prasant is strategizing to expand Coding Pathshala to different regions in India, thus forwarding his vision of championing digital literacy for all. When we asked Dr. P. Prasant on his perspective on success, he said, “Empowerment through education and technology is the key to unlocking the potential of the next generation.”