The mind is a pursuit for creative aspirations which motivates us to move above and beyond our goals. Human beings always aim to strive for purpose and shape their life based around the things they love. Creativists take it a notch above by excelling perfection and tailoring their craft. Business Outreach Magazine collaborates with Anupama Dalmia, whose leadership strategies towards helping women and children succeed in life is nothing short of exceptional. 

Anupama Dalmia

A Brief History-

Anupama Dalmia is an entrepreneur, author, sociopreneur and most importantly a mother to a 9-year-old. Her vigilance over her career to scale her three ventures, namely, Beyond the Box, Rhythms & Beats, and Tingle Your Taste Buds, has been a riveting journey for Anupama. To expand further on her industry knowledge, Anupama Dalmia has also played diverse roles such as being the Advisory Board Member or Mentor at five non-profit/social impact organizations– Tribal Connect, Stem Baala, Humans of Safe Spaces, LAJA and The She Saga. 

Anupama was chosen as a ‘Sheroes Champion’ and this title fits the description, when she empowers more than 300 women through her own NGO, Building Bridges Foundation India, with upskilling programs in writing, health, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and many other domains. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Bharat’s economy has been roaring on global fronts with entrepreneurs like Anupama Dalmia. She resigned from her IT job to pursue a passion towards enriching society. Due to her commitment towards her industry, Anupama Dalmia received the REX Karamveer Chakra Award (Gold Medal) and Global Fellowship in November 2023. This prestigious award is a global civilian honor given by ICONGOs in association with the United Nations. 

At Beyond the Box, Anupama mentors kids and has inspired more than 10,000 children worldwide through her innovative workshops. It is not only kids who are impressively flabbergasted by Anupama’s methodologies, but adults hugely resonate with her vision to elevate any knack for writing among kids. 

This beautiful journey started as just a casual step to mentor back in 2017 with about 25 kids. Soon, she got engrossed into the art of leadership and initiated Beyond the Box (BTB). Her expertise compelled the community to invite Anupama Dalmia to schools, communities, and corporations. Today, she is changing the education game in our country, one child at a time. 

Key Takeaways-

At BTB, kids are encouraged to learn in an inclusive environment to nurture their creative thinking and writing skills. BTB also organizes workshops at schools, communities, libraries, bookstores, cafes, and corporations to foster the expansiveness of creative writing. Furthermore, BTB, under the leadership of Anupama Dalmia, collaborates with authors at tailored events to encourage young minds to embrace creative writing. 

Additionally, there are storytelling sessions and enrichment programs which validate the deeper efficacy of creative writing into the community. Anupama Dalmia is among India’s most recognized parenting bloggers and her blog posts across platforms have more than 30 million views. This is the entrepreneur India looks up to. This is the leader, future generations aspire to idolize.

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