The future of a child is defined by a holistic approach to personal development. There is always a vast opportunity for learning as the presence of a mentor to a curious mind dictates the credibility of this journey. Today, academics is not just about scoring numbers on a paper, but a diverse spectrum of acing personality building, understanding a higher purpose of life and curating a personalized success trajectory. 

A Brief History-

You see, every individual is different and so should be their passion for growth. Business Outreach Magazine brings our avid readers, the leader who embraced such ideology and created an academic institution, which he believes to be a pure ‘sanctuary of knowledge’.  

Ankur Tharwan is the Founder of EMS Academy, which specializes in teaching academic curriculum to students between Class 6 to 12. Ankur Tharwan shares his perspective to education, which he tells to be a life-long process. He built EMS Academy with a motto to equip students with the foundations of school academics. The leadership journey of Ankur Tharwan is fortified with empathy and gratitude. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Apart from setting a supportive work environment, Ankur’s stellar mentorship abilities help students navigate their career in the right direction. In order to build a great company with a great team, you have to be in the team. And Ankur is always proactive in the day-to-day operations of EMS Academy. His top priority is providing the best education for the students with updated teaching methodologies. 

Every student has an inspiring potential and the moment they walk through the doors of EMS Academy, Ankur Tharwan ensures an inclusive learning ecosystem. This is the joy behind entrepreneurship and Ankur excels in it. Although being a class topper in his BBA and MBA Degree, Ankur wants to focus on the fact that the strengths and weaknesses of each student is subjective. 

So the teaching and learning approach should be aligned with each other. He spent years working in top organizations, where he felt a necessary urge towards teaching. So he quit his job and devoted his life to the EMS Academy. This sets an example in itself, where curiosity towards a goal brings joy and purpose to a visionary. 

Key Takeaways-

But the landscape in reaching this point was often included with rough terrain. Ankur remembers the time, when garnering a parent’s trust towards EMS was a huge challenge. There were already other renowned education institutes. Ultimately, there can be no replacement to value-creation and quality service. Ankur Tharwan strengthened EMS Academy’s reputation with top-notch commitment to quality education. When we asked about Ankur Tharwan’s note on motivation, he said, “It is not important if you performed better than others. What matters is what you can do to make it better for others.”