Creation lies in the hand of the entrepreneur and we admirers behold the sole responsibility to appreciate the masterpiece of a product . As creative souls, they are recognized from the success that inculcated from multiple failures. 

But the lessons we learn from these ‘Achievers’ is that victory is no easy task and we should earn it. Business Outreach Magazine wants our avid readers to welcome Ankit Raturi, the entrepreneur and visionary, believing in collaboration and inclusive workspace.

Ankit Raturi is the founder of Circle Tattoo and professes his duties as a marketer, entrepreneur and a writer. Diverse pursuits define humility and gratitude and that is who Ankit is. He wanted to build a place of work, where ideas will be shared, cooperation will be strengthened and learning will be encouraged.

A Brief History: 

Circle Tattoo is all about that and a cozy place, where friendship is championed. Ankit says to us that if you love what you do, inspiration will start raining and a team gets to work in an environment of knowledge and optimism. 

We find Circle Tattoo as a very interesting area of work, where friends are coming together and doing what they love the most. With the creation of ink and machines, art is generated on the canvas of beautiful skin. In a traditional office, Ankit speaks of his experience of limited productivity along with shackles for idea generation. 

But Circle’s philosophy lies on the motto “Every client encounters, should feel like meeting an old friend”. In the tattoo industry, there is a lot of room to develop on any idea and forward that for execution. With the exchange of colors and care, Ankit and his team dives into their assigned work with 100% effort. 

When the team got into the brainstorming session, they came up with a stellar business concept to rejuvenate ‘Flash Tattoo’. Circle Tattoo completed one year in August, 2022 and they were able to do 100 flash tattoos in just 10 hours

Path To Success: 

This is a record in itself and which the entire team is so proud of. Ankit Raturi completed his schooling from St. Francis School, Borivali (West) and graduated with a Commerce degree. He also completed his PGDM in the subject of Media and Entertainment. 

Ankit Raturi truly believes that an effective team is the quintessential reason for the success of a company. As a leader, he always invests in educating and mentoring the second to command team members, who will consider the company as their own and work accordingly. 

To be able to give an employee the space of pushing their own ideas and bringing out quality performance based on that, is something extremely commendable. The roles and duties of each employee are divided in a way that everyone is accountable for the success of the company. This has allowed Ankit to diversify his thought process to further personal and professional growth. Ankit knows that Circle Tattoo is in good hands. 

There are enlightening instances where Ankit’s team approaches him with ideas and they head straight into appreciation for each other. Yes, there will be differences in opinions, but that is the beauty of humanity. We learn, execute, fail and succeed in our own timelines. Ankit Raturi has spent countless hours to build this team which can together be called as Circle Tattoo.

Some Key Takeaways: 

His objective to build the brand as a people’s choice is evident from the phenomenal reviews from customers like Rupali Agarwal, who says, “Circle Tattoo is without a doubt the best tattoo studio in and around Andheri. It was my first time getting a tattoo and the experience was impeccable. The artists and the entire team of circle tattoos are super duper friendly and warm. I am glad to have come across them. Looking forward to getting more tattoos from them in the future!” and others like 

Siddhant Savanth said “I have got 4 tattoos from Circle’s, 2 pretty huge and 2 small ones. so legitimately, I feel I can give a complete review of the studio.Their tattoo consultation, design suggestion, and execution of tattoos are just flawless.I’d love to go back for more designs and tattoos in the future.Realism tattoos are just amazing! Soft spoken, relaxed atmosphere, very friendly folks.”

Circle Tattoo started in July, 2021 and in just one year, the business has expanded into other cities along with other ventures like Circle Marketing, Subtle By Circle, Circle Cafe and Circle Associates. While the Marketing and Associates division is focussed on B2B clients, cafe and subtle has a youth-centric customers, who are vibrant and joyous.

 Ankit is planning to generate a revenue of about 2 crore by March 2023. He believes in the words of Shah Rukh Khan who says, “Don’t be a philosopher, until you become rich. Because the world doesn’t want to listen to a poor philosopher”. 

Ankit is happy to have team member like Aayushi Mehta, Romit Patel, Azeem Ansari, Harshad Malkar, Sayali More, Prathamesh Ghanekar, Bishal Majumder, Parth Vasani, Maverick Ferns, Prasad Sonawane, Vinay Salunke and Deepak Sengupta from the Mumbai branch and Vibhor Pratap Singh Chauhan, Piyush Kumar, Abhishek Saxena from Circle Tattoo Delhi, Sukhpreet Gandhi and Balveen Kaur from Circle Cafe and RK Parmar and Nitin Jhetwa from Circle Associates. With more business expansion awaiting Ankit Raturi wants to say, “Focus on building a great team rather than focusing on great business. Great business will follow if you have the right people alongside”.