The beauty of saving lives can only be a holistic journey for it offers the world a better future. Doctors are the blessings of civilization, where society gets to witness sheer mastery. With better doctors and healthcare systems, the quality of life will enhance, thus offering the fulfilling time of our lives. 

A Brief History-

Business Outreach Magazine got the opportunity to come to analyze the glorifying success trajectory of such a doctor, whose devotion towards his community is unparalleled. Dr. Abhishek Reddy Lingala is the Medical Director of Care and Cure Hospitals. He is also a social activist and a healthcare administrator, where his knowledge allows him to uplift healthcare standards with compassion. 

The medical division of trauma and joint replacement surgery demands precise knowledge and impeccable calmness. Dr. Abhishek dipped his toe into the subject of orthopedics by getting highly inspired from Dr. Vidyasagar, Retired HOD in Orthopedics, Sri Venkateshwara Medical College, Tirupati. Dr. T.M. Ravinath from JJM Medical College, Davanagere aspired Dr. Abhishek into studying and excelling in Joint Replacement. 

Struggles and Success Story-

But the ultimate vision to care for people and provide the best healthcare service was what Dr. Abhishek got inspiration from his father Mr. Lingala Siva Sankar Reddy. Being both a specialist doctor and administrator has been helping Dr. Abhishek gain leadership knowledge in his industry. 

The world is advancing rapidly and medical science plays a pivotal role in protecting the wellbeing of society. Dr. Abhishek Reddy is consistent in improving his skills and helps in providing continued medical education to his staff. Dr. Abhishek Reddy Lingala studied MBBS from Sri Venkateshwara Medical College, Tirupati. 

He did his MS in Orthopedics from JJM Medical College, Davanagere. Dr. Abhishek completed FARS, Fellowship in Adult Reconstruction Surgery from University of Alabama, Birmingham. To better equip his knowledge, Dr. Abhishek also studied MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Administration from Manipal University and an MCH in Trauma and Orthopedics Surgery. 

Key Takeaways-

Dr. Abhishek has won several awards and certifications for his contributions and knowledge in the healthcare industry. He was awarded the Best IMA State Secretary in Andhra Pradesh in 2021-2022 along with Care and Cure Hospitals awarded as the Top Ranked Hospital in Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh and several other achievements. Dr. Abhishek wants the best healthcare services for the society. He urges three strategies for quality healthcare in India namely, mandatory health insurance to upper middle class and high socioeconomic class people, subsidized or zero interest Instant Health loans for middle class families, Welfare Schemes from Government, NGOs and Corporate Social Responsibility restricted to Low socioeconomic status people. 

In just 3 years, Care and Cure Hospital, under the leadership of Dr. Abhishek has served more than 1.5 lakhs individuals, with a magnificent service quality during COVID crisis. When we asked Dr. Abhishek Reddy about his note of inspiration, he said, “Right to access quality healthcare is a basic human right”. And it is imperative that with such a visionary approach, Dr. Abhishek will reach greater heights of success.