The corporation stated that quality is determined by user evaluations, ratings, and feedback, as well as any reported issues or returns relating to the product’s condition, functionality, or general satisfaction.


According to PTI, SoftBank-backed Meesho on Tuesday said it wrote off about 200,000 products from its e-commerce platform in the last quarter after quality checks and wants to reduce exposure to low-rated products by 20% in six months. According to the organization, the qualitative research was conducted using a comprehensive analysis of customer reviews, surveys, and feedback.

According to PTI, “According to our findings, Meesho eliminated approximately 200,000 products in the last three months. The company is using artificial intelligence to improve product quality inspections. They are also always attempting to improve their keyword databases and detection skills, according to the business. They also stated that they judge quality based on consumer feedback and ratings. Complaints or returns based on product condition, functioning, or general satisfaction are also important.

The e-commerce company primarily focuses on small businesses selling unbranded products in the marketplace. “MeeShow ratings for submitted products have increased 35% over the past year. Products with consistent ratings of less than 3 (out of 5) have been removed from the feed. Products with low ratings.” have seen 15% in visibility over the last six.” months. Our goals for the upcoming.” It is to reduce by 20% in six months, which will further improve product quality and customer satisfaction,” the statement said.

“If a product receives frequent negative ratings and comments from buyers, it risks being removed from our site. This is to meet our clients’ expectations of quality, according to our public declaration. “We’re making progress by consistently investing in new technology and improving quality examinations. This is a significant step in improving the overall product quality and customer service on our platform. This initiative not only promises but delivers. In only the last quarter, approximately 2 lakh goods that did not satisfy our high-quality standards were removed,” it was reported.

“Our business is always improving on quality control. This helps us fight deceitful tactics and build faith with our customers,” stated Megha Agarwal, the Meesho CXO for business. She shared in August 2023, Meesho developed its ‘Trust Assurance Report.’ It details how they removed around 42 lakh fake and violating product listings.