It is not everyday you get to witness compassion and humility for the life you are being gifted by the Divine. It is not everyday you get to feel that society always has your back at times, when you are at your lows. And it is not every day that Business Outreach Magazine gets honored to bring through its pages, tales of impressive companies making every possible effort to provide selflessly towards the community. Well! Sometimes we do get to meet people and businesses, whose stories, success and struggles holds us back into contemplating the perspective we have for our professions as storytellers. No matter how much a company puts toward a perfect chalkboard structure, the only thing that matters for being successful is teamwork and Matha Theresa Group is a beacon of that.

Matha Theresa Group was founded by Dhirren DSouza in 2017. Although the business portrays its growth and scalability towards Dhirren’s analytical prowess, he says it is solely because of the immense support from his mother, brothers and sister always looking out for his back. The premium business enterprise sincerely pays homage to Dhirren D Souza’s late grandmother, LATE THERESA DSOUZA. Matha Theresa Group has a saying they remember everyday, “Just do good to others in terms of services, day in and day out”.

 Dhirren D Souza’s
Dhirren D Souza’s

The shared operations in Event Management and Wedding Planning, Photography, Videography and Make-Up Artistry, Gold and Silver Trading, Online Business to Business and Business to Customer Marketplace, Snack, Savories and Namkeens, Tax Filing, Accounting and Licensing Consulting, Biodegradable and Sustainable Packaging Solutions, Clothing, Apparels and Sarees, Mental Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching, Wholesale Stationery and the Legacy’s Closet collaboratively defines the Matha Theresa Group. The inspiration behind the inception of Matha Theresa Group dates back to the moment when friends and well-wishers joined hands in supporting the company with their love and today the company is thriving with an approximate portfolio of 500 to 700 clientele in the city of Bangalore. Matha Theresa Group overcomed every roadblocks and challenges and answered the naysayers with actions and benchmarks.

The best way to know that you are getting better at your craft is to consider only yourself as the truest competitor. Matha Theresa Group does not shy away from spilling their minds when they say to Business Outreach Magazine that to work for a goal or an objective is a personal choice and the knowing to be good at it will arise from the results of the action. Here we can gladly accept the saying, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, the strongest competitor of me is me of all”. Matha Theresa Group’s pocket-friendly pricing on each and every service coupled with a no compromise policy for quality made them reach a point where respect is earned from the priceless testimonials of their clients.

Sanju Pareira lauds by saying, “Speed and responsibility are the only things that customers look for from the company. Dhirren and his team have been phenomenal in delivering secretarial and compliance related services at an amazing speed. They are highly reliable.”

Another feedback from Nicola Monteiro says, “Amazing Team! The team responds very quickly to all the queries. Kudos to the team for being friendly, respectful and dedicated in the quest for client contentment”.

Matha Theresa Group plans for an objective to reach every household, offering the company’s value for money proposition in its services. The Event Management Division offers assistance from a small cozy gathering of a few people to a large corporate arrangement of thousands of guests. Their team also focuses on arranging fundraisers for non profit organizations which can expect hundreds of sponsors or more. They are equipped to look after the A to Z of an entire event that includes, selecting the venue, making a list of guests and forwarding an invitation, coming to a decision on the menu and setting up the stage. Matha Theresa Group ensures that everything is handled properly and the guests are served with a wonderful experience of the event. The marketing and PR team of the company further adds more value to the importance of the event and helps in spreading the event’s details to the right ears.

The online platform of the company offers a wide range of snacks and tasty treats to indulge into a favorite companion while watching movies with your friends and family, having conversations with some tea or coffee or going to work or school and having a stock of some tasty flavors of snacks in your bag. The Wholesale and Retail branch of Matha Theresa Group offers the lowest guaranteed prices on apparel and sarees on their website. Due to the operations on a low margin, the company says that customers can save 25% to 35% from their orders from a range of about 34000 designs.

The team provides a personalized buying experience along with volume discounts and assurance on quality. The “Matha Theresa Group-Manpower Solutions” comes with their team of expert consultants who guide working professionals and fresh graduates towards a job that is best suited for their skills and abilities. “The Right Person on the Right Job with the Right Mindset” is a motto the team abides by. They reach out to organizations with talented candidates, where they help in sourcing out the right individual according to a job role. This entire process is cost effective and saves a lot of time in every step.

The B2B sector of consumer goods is another branch of the company, where providing products in household items, daily essentials and several other everyday goods at an affordable price is a way of growing their ecosystem in the market.

Matha Theresa Group shares an enormous amount of support for entrepreneurs and startups and they have a division that handles Tax Filing, Licenses Consultancy and Chartered Accountancy. From setting up a suitable workplace or establishing a brand identity, Matha Theresa Group has experts in these domains that look after the compliances and legal procedures behind building a business. The support of the company towards Mental Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching screams the ideal to break the prejudice behind discussing such topics. Matha Theresa Group feels that being successful in the entire wellness journey of the mind, health and wealth. Staying fit and healthy is not an easy task when you do not have the right mentor. It is our teachers that guide students towards success.

Matha Theresa Group takes a sense of a lot of happiness in every venture they strive for. The company has Biodegradable and Sustainable methods to reduce the public’s dependencies on petroleum based plastic products. They offer innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint and aims towards net zero initiative by offering safer alternatives to plastic components. Built by environmental entrepreneurs, Matha Theresa Group has provided nothing but cooperation towards a greener and cleaner society. Their product brochure on wholesale stationery products also shares a lot of options like writing pads, pen, pencil, binder clips, color pencils and many more.

Their website also ensures quick doorstep delivery to their customers. Matha Theresa Group is an LBMA accredited gold refinery in India and provides impeccable quality of valuable metals to their customers. The gold from the company’s refinery is accepted by commodity exchanges and central banks which brings out the exceptional service Matha Theresa Group provides for its clients and customers.

The world will look at the one who is curious and caring. When curiosity attracts innovation, even procrastination churns out priceless forms of productivity. With a pinch of hard work added to a spoon of good faith and mixed with a glass of creativity, brings out a mixture of an age-old formula of conscious living. A company like Matha Theresa Group wears the cloak of conscious living when they extend their hands for the underprivileged children, who just want a picture of happiness with the smell of the pages of education. Philanthropy has a new address when we speak of Matha Theresa Group, who shares their success with the charitable project of THERESA’s CHARITABLE GIVEAWAY. The plan is simple but hugely noble when their help puts in happy faces to underprivileged children from not one, but three schools, where the entire academic year’s educational supplies and equipment for sports programs are taken care of by the company. These are the love coming from a 1000 children who have hassle free basic education guarding them by Matha Theresa Group.

It is the civic responsibility for every one of us to maintain in order to build a better future for the coming generations. The Legacy’s Closet Initiative is a new structure by the company, where they are prioritizing personalized merchandise and gifting solutions for customers from every strata of the community. Their expectations for the lookout of possible investors indicates that the company is up for making a difference and shed a positive impact on society with their non-repetitive product design. A portion of their profits from Legacy’s Closet will go towards charity and states the company’s prime objective is living in a world, where each hand goes forward towards helping another hand and making this universe a better place.

With the industry having so much ground to expand, Matha Theresa Group says, “GO HARD or GO HOME”. And with the grace and capabilities for a positive future, Matha Theresa Group will go limitless when considering customer satisfaction. The strongest ideas are the ones that are taken into action and the execution with the help of a trustworthy team will go a long way. This is the beautiful story of Matha Theresa Group who gets inspired by a quote from Denzel Washington, who says, “Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency”.