Manchester United has recently extended its partnership, with Adidas for 10 years ensuring a cash guarantee of £900 million ($1.16 billion). This agreement will remain in effect until June 2035 coinciding with the 2023/24 Premier League season.

The club’s annual payments from Adidas are contingent upon their participation in the Champions League, which they are set to return to this year. However, if they fail to qualify for the tournament two seasons in a row there will be a reduction of 30%, in their payments. In the meantime, discussions are underway regarding the sale of the club after the Glazer family initiated sale procedures last year.

recently announced the extension of their partnership, with Adidas, the kit supplier for the soccer club. This renewed agreement is set to last for 10 years until June 2035 with a cash guarantee of £900 million ($1.16 billion). The timing couldn’t be better as it comes before the start of the 2023/24 Premier League season month.

With this deal in place, Manchester United can look forward to their return to the coveted Champions League tournament this year. It’s worth noting that their participation in this competition plays a role in determining aspects of their financial agreement with Adidas. According to their report, a portion of the payments from Adidas is tied to Manchester United’s involvement in the Champions League.

However, it’s important to highlight that failure on Manchester United’s part to qualify for two seasons would result in a reduction of their payments by 30% based on the terms laid out in this agreement.

In addition to these developments Manchester United is also engaged in discussions regarding a sale, after its owners, the Glazer family initiated a formal sale process towards the end of last year.