MakeMyTrip’s business travel service, myBiz, has announced a strategic relationship with Zoho, a renowned global technology firm. This alliance seeks to expedite corporate travel and cost management by providing bespoke solutions for organizations of all sizes and sectors with varying degrees of complexity in their travel and expense requirements. 

It will improve back-end efficiencies across enterprises, making it easier, more efficient, and flexible for businesses to manage their travel, cost, and governance demands.

Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Business Officer – Corporate at MakeMyTrip stated, “We believe in understanding and adapting to each organization’s unique business travel needs, ensuring maximum efficiency, control, and convenience throughout the travel-related process. Our relationship with Zoho demonstrates this dedication, as it provides a simplified and technologically advanced solution for everything from trip requisitions to expenditure management. Together with Zoho, we want to create a complete suite that seamlessly connects with current systems for organizations of all sizes.”

Sivaramakrishnan Iswaran, Global Head, of Zoho Finance and Operations Suite, said, “Travel is often one of the highest business costs for most organizations. Businesses are increasingly seeking better strategies to optimize their travel and related costs. Due to a lack of better tools, they are obliged to see travel as a siloed functional area that must be managed individually. Zoho recognizes these difficulties and provides an integrated range of business solutions. The Zoho Expense and myBiz interface allows us to give trip management tools, broadening our solutions. This system delivers a smooth experience for organizations when managing their travel and expenditure (T&E) procedures end-to-end, right from managing corporate travel to expense reporting.

myBiz has established itself as one of the leading corporate travel management systems in the nation, offering a diversified clientele of over 55,000 active customers across industries. myBiz is proud of its flexibility and integration capabilities, which provide a smooth and complete solution for corporations. By seamlessly integrating with Zoho expenditure, an end-to-end employee expenditure management solution, T&E procedures are simplified from travel requests to expense management, improving control, experience, and efficiency at every step of corporate travel. This approach to deep integration provides a single solution that addresses all areas of the customers’ requirements.

Businesses utilizing this interface may automatically begin travel requests from Zoho Expense, enabling travelers to choose their preferred flights and accommodations while complying with business rules. These requests will be processed for approval. Once accepted, myBiz takes over booking and payment administration, simplifying the whole process.

The corporate landscape is as diverse as the demands of the firms it represents. Some firms want basic expenditure management systems, but others require more complicated SaaS (Software as a Service) products, prepaid/credit card choices, and so on. myBiz has created tailored solutions that enable organizations across sectors and sizes to improve these procedures.