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Top E-LEARNING Solution Providers-2021 in India

While 2020 has been marked in history owing to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been the year of ‘digital revolution’ for the education industry. The Indian education system was mainly based on anachronistic model that hardly changed over the years. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in the prevailing learning system by the inclusion of EdTech facilitated learning. The EdTech companies made a mark as learning from home became the norm, broadband, laptops and smartphones became the gateway to education—at least for those who can access and afford them.

In 2020, EdTech segment managed to attract close to $1.43 Bn funding, compared to $1.8 Bn raised by EdTech startups across 303 deals between 2014 and 2019. EdTech products & services are likely to see a surging growth by 2025 owing to the acceptance and adoption by schools, educators, parents and learners together. India stands second only to the US as far as the booming EdTech industry is concerned. Report by RedSeer and Omidyar Network India states that both paid and free users in the K-12 segment and post K-12 segment have a user base doubling from 45 million to 90 million. Research company Technavio indicated that India's online education market is set to grow by $14.3 billion between 2020 and 2024, witnessing an annual growth of over 21% during this period.

With the emergence of new technologies, learners have increasing demands and the educators are pondering at creative methods to deliver classes from the confinement of their homes. While students need vary significantly, teachers are helping them cope with the adaptive technology and pursue their learning. Students are now being placed at the center of the learning process. Artificial intelligence and customized learning have gained momentum like never before. Tools and analytics are being implemented to foster self- paced learning by allowing students to explore their curriculum without strict monitoring. The digital metamorphosing has increased the accessibility to education and strengthened regional learning.

The success of the blended learning approach depends majorly on how educators impart learning. One of the major concerns that needs to be addressed is the training of educators to be conversant with technology. An effective implementation strategy begins with ensuring that all instructors are competent and confident with the solutions they are expected to utilize, from interactive displays to software that powers online learning. In the post-COVID world, the classroom is no longer restricted to four walls and EdTech will be the key to expanding beyond them. The impetus of bridging this gap between educators and learners has to be mitigated by EdTech offering solutions that allow educators to track student progress, identify their weaknesses and support them with engaging learning materials. Numerous startups are trying to tap the potential market to gain leverage by seizing this opportunity.

In this issue, Business Outreach brings to you a list of 10 most promising E-Learning brands that hit the bullseye by offering innovative solutions. These companies take immense pride in keeping ahead of digital advancements and have capitalized on the potential presented to it by the market. We hope you derive insightful information by gauging the market landscape.

The Cover Story

LOGO Company Management Specialization
classedgeTata ClassEdgeMilind Shahane (CEO)Team of multi-disciplinary specialists innovating in the fields of pedagogy, technology and content aimed at enhancing learning experiences to improve learning outcomes for children

Special features

LOGOCompany ManagementSpecialization
upGrad Ronnie Screwvala
(Chairman and Co-founder),
Mayank Kumar
(Co-founder & MD), 
Phalgun Kompalli (Co-founder)
Editor's Choice-Empowers professionals to reach their full potential through industry-relevant online programs delivered in an engaging learning environment
Lifology Praveen Parameswar &
Rahul J Nair
Company Spotlight-Digital platform providing personalized guidance for focusing on education, skill development, emotional well-being and career planning

Top E-learning brands

LOGOCompany ManagementSpecialization
Bishnu Acharya (Founder & CEO)Smart learning platform which provides complete vocabulary, English learning and personality development training for a general audience
GuruQMinal Anand (CEO)Provides one-one, personalized and interactive online tuition provided by certified tutors for students in India
EduficationKaibalya Vilash &
Kamala Kanta Behera
(Founding Partners)
EdTech platform providing personalized learning
at effective rates to rural India
ProgrowthCapt Ameya Kocharekar (Co-Founder & CEO)Conducts a Nutritional Analysis Program developed by ProForce working in the field of Holistic Sports Education
Openlinks Foundation Sanjay Dalmia (CEO)Non-profit EdTech organization Wikipedia like tool - with high quality lesson plans and resources for teachers - to reduce class preparation time and increase class effectiveness
SKILLEDGERohit Ghosh (CEO)Nurturing the millennials with ‘employability skills’ to ace their dream jobs in just 12 weeks
Inschools India Jagadish Reddy (CEO)One-stop collaborative platform for parents, teachers, students and administrators to bring out the best in students with transparent feedback and ratings