Editor’s Note - by Tanvi Ajmera

Entrepreneurship is no more limited to innovation; it is succor to social transformation. Entrepreneurship empowers young people to work on their skills, interest, and passion in order to contribute effectively to the economic development of a young nation. India ranks amongst the world’s youngest countries with an average age of 29 years. This demographic potential coupled with their inherent entrepreneurial talent translate into an opportunity to address economic and social inequities and thereby drive incremental development and growth.
If we were presented with a problem today, most of us would resort to talking about without the intent of pursuing a solution towards resolving the problem. We do not feel obligated to address problems and find solutions until the problem is not personal. While those who fall under Generation X struggle to move up the corporate ladder because Baby Boomers aren't retiring as early as planned, those who fall under Generation Y have been making their own income in innovative ways. For many of them, that means entrepreneurship.
“In the next 10 years, India will see at least 100 to 120 million youth entering the workforce. The formal sector is poised to absorb just about 10 to 15 percent of that large workforce. The pertinent question is what happens to the rest,” shares Madan Padaki, Co-founder, Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME).
The answer definitely lies in working towards catalysing large-scale job creation. Youth entrepreneurship is name of the game. In the current state of affairs if the growth of 8 to 10 million youth to take the entrepreneurial plunge mushrooms in their own cities and districts, these entrepreneurs would create a ripple effect by generation of employment opportunities for at least 5 to 10 people each solving the problem of latent workforce.
As India’s start up ecosystem grows at an incredible pace, founders are seizing the opportunity to disrupt – and flourish. While back in the early 90s, entrepreneurship was restricted to a certain age and class of people, today there are no such boundaries. We can find an entrepreneur from any strata of the society and she could be as young as just 15 years old!
India is a developing country and its development is truly the hard work of its people. India has produced many great scholars, scientists, intellectuals and even entrepreneurs. The sense of achieving is deep rooted in Indians and that’s the reason Indians are doing great works in almost all countries. Of all the success stories you have heard of, probably the most enthralling ones are those where young adults and teenagers put their mark on this world. This edition of the Business Outreach will present some of India's successful leaders, and we hope it will inspire you and help you realize that it's neither never too late or never too early to pursue your dreams of being a business owner. Let's take a look at some of these ambitious youngsters. Business Outreach has curated this list based on a well-defined methodology that takes into consideration key valuation metrics and leverages the Business Outreach team’s rich experience and knowhow in the space.

Founder Name Designation Content
jc chaudhryJC ChaudhryFounder and Chairman of Chaudhry Nummero Pvt LtdMr. J C Chaudhry is an erudite numerologist with experience of more than 38 years. To continue this journey, he founded Chaudhry Nummero Pvt. Ltd. (CNPL) in September 2018. He authored 2 books on numerology- “Advanced Numerology” & “Practical Numerology”.
Falguni NayarFounder and Chief Executive Officer of NykaaFalguni, is India's self-made woman billionaire is a 58-year-old former investment banker whose beauty startup, Nykaa made its blockbuster debut on the stock market
Vijay Sekhar SharmaFounder and Chief Executive Officer of PaytmVijay, the founder of Paytm was ranked as India's youngest billionaire in 2017 by Forbes with a net worth of $1.3 billion who is now set to break the record for the biggest IPO in India’s history
Nithin KamathFounder and Chief Executive Officer of ZerodhaNithin Kamath, a feature on Forbes' list of India's 100 richest 2020 is India’s 86th richest man and founder of Zerodha which is India’s biggest stock brokerage company in terms of volume
Girish MathruboothamFounder and Chief Executive Officer of FreshworksGirish, is the man behind the business software company Freshworks that made it entry with a blockbuster IPO at the New York Stock exchange, which raised the company $1 billion while also making 500 of its employees’ millionaires overnight
Sahil VaidyaSahil Vaidya, Co-Founder of The MinimalistSahil, is a Forbes 30 under 30 awardee, TEDx Speaker and Co-Founder of The Minimalist – a creative solutions group company based out of Mumbai
Krishan KohliManaging Director at Continental Automotive Brake Systems IndiaKrishan Kohli, the Managing Director at Continental Automotive Brake Systems India is a key contributor to the Automotive and CV industry for 29+ years
Atul KumarCo-Founder of FraazoAtul Kumar, an IIT Kharagpur graduate, and post-graduation in Finance from IIM, Indore is the co-founder of Fraazo – a Mumbai based Consumer Agri-Tech start-up procures fresh vegetables and fruits directly from the farm
Gaurav KumarCEO of Fairpe & Co-Founder of FlipshopeGaurav, the founder of an application 1,50,000 people daily for grabbing the best online deals. Fairpe is a product search engine where you can find details of the products available both online and offline