This small list of all the beautiful small businesses to start in 2021 sparked any ideas in you. Most of them require no investment at all other than your time. Hopefully, you may have found the most successful small business ideas that are also low-cost with high profit in this list. If you know about any other business idea that can be started on a small scale

1. Breakfast Joint/Take-away

An entrepreneur aspires for a small investment business idea capable of churning massive revenue. He or she searches for every possible way to have the business run smoothly and increase revenue, i.e., profitability is the end goal. This post discusses Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profits.

The young and dynamic individuals of today want to start their own venture rather than work for someone else. They look for small-scale opportunities with huge turnover. ‘Return on Investment’ or ROI has become a predominant factor in setting up any kind of business. It’s a weighing scale that ultimately decides whether to go ahead or not.

1. Breakfast Joint/Take-away

A common misconception is that earning huge profits requires serious investment in the form of money, labor, equipment, etc. It’s definitely not the case if one is aware of the plethora of business ideas that can be started with minimum investment.

Discussed below are some of the most profitable business ventures ideas in India. They are not heavy on your pocket and can yield great returns with time.

1. Public Speaking Lessons

Stage fright is a fear that strikes a chord with every individual. Some are born with the inherent ability to converse with confidence but some of us are devoid of this skill in childhood. If you’ve got the knack of speaking in front of a large audience with clarity and elegance that makes people jealous, then this attribute of yours can help rake in some moolah while improving the lives of others.

2. Dance Classes

If you are very good at dance, then you can think of starting a dance academy which is a very good business idea with a minimum budget. Many parents look for a good dance class for their children. Related to the earlier business, music, and dance classes are immensely popular. There is no dearth of the genre to choose from. All you need is a room in case of dance lessons. Businesses of these kinds gain traction as time passes. So, perseverance is of utmost importance.

3. Baby Sitter

If you start a business of baby keeping in the metro city you will surely see success very soon. Most of the people in the metro cities of India are very busy. So, people will definitely buy your services.

4. Courier Company

Many people today look for better shipping costs and timely delivery. If you can manage it this business is for you. Here’s how you can start a courier business in India.

 Courier Company

5. Consultancy

The consultancy firm includes agents who help people in getting things done. A consultancy works to reduce people’s workload and involves zero investment with higher profits. The best example of consultancy service is TATA in India. Legal, financial to technical the plethora of fields means it’s best to generalize this broad category for this category of business. Experience and success in your niche dictate the profitability you’re going to enjoy.

6. Digital Marketing Consultancy

With more and more people coming online for the first time and who wants to rank number on google, Digital marketing consultancy is an all-time high. With a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization or social media, you can easily set up a DM Consultancy Firm and help the business grow in the minimum time required.

7. Dietary Consultancy

With more and more people trying to fit and smart than ever in India, dietary consulting has become a very important service. If you can learn food dietary and nutrition you can make good money with low investment.

8. Packers and Movers

It is a business idea with the largest amount of clients coming from the central government services public limited companies. If scaled, you can convert your small business into a big logistics company.

9. Ice Cream Parlour

Starting an ice cream parlor is another good business idea, to begin with.

10. Content Writing and Copy Writing

Websites ought to have content to obtain the much-needed traffic (yeah, there are exceptions). Anyone with the flair for writing great content can generate a secondary source of income by delivering articles, columns, and what not for websites. The magnitude of clients and amount earned per write-up may be less initially but once the flow sets in, the sky is the limit. Sound knowledge of the language and its intricacies is the primary requirement. And this has to be complemented with innovation and inventiveness.

Also, you can apply for content writing jobs from various job application sites and can work for the companies. Internshala provides a lot of such jobs of content writing, that too work from home. With the increasing number of websites, the need for content writers is also increasing day by day. In India, the pay of a content writer is too low but if you think that the quality of your content is best. You can start content writing for international companies and can make a career as a content writer.

11. Freelancer

When you have a skill, why let it go waste! Can you create amazing websites? Teach your native language like a pro? Write catchy and interesting articles? If you have any kind of talent, start freelancing to earn money online without any investment.

Freelancing refers to an individual who is self-employed and working solely based on the fees given. If you are a freelancer, then you don’t have to be particularly associated with an individual company and you can work with various companies, allowing yourself to get more exposure. Websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn are where this talent can earn some being. If you are not interested in such websites, you can create your own website or can create your social media profile to promote your freelancing skills to attract customers.

The biggest obstacle has to be presenting testament to one’s knowledge because the platforms ask for concrete evidence to demonstrate one’s proficiency in the niche field chosen for freelancing. You have to build a portfolio before you start your freelancing journey. Now the competition is too tough but if you have a strong portfolio you can win the race.

12. Book Store

Book lover always buy multiple books, thus, making the idea of a starting bookstore attractive.

13. Computer Trainer

If you are good at providing computer training this could be a good business idea to educate about the computer operation which is must in today’s world.

14. Online Store

Many people prefer to shop in online store. This is because they do not have to bother to come to the store to buy something. Simply by using their mobile, they can buy the products they want and the product will reach their home immediately. It can become an opportunity for you to do business in the field of online store. You do not need to invest by buying products, just by selling other people’s products. Thus, you can earn high profits.

15. Travel Agency

Tour & Travel Agency is a great low investment business

The travel agency is a link between the traveler or tourist and the principal suppliers such as tour packages, hotels, airlines, etc. The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in our country. The tourist attraction points bring more and more people exploring these places while taking vacations and traveling. With the spin of globalization across the world, it is easier to travel around countries now. It is more accessible and requires less time to roam any country – and the same is the case with India. It is a great time to start a travel agency since there is such a huge client base to cater to.

 Travel Agency

You can start a very promising business by setting up a travel and tourism agency and give out the services of booking tickets, hotel rooms, visiting sites, tourist hotspots, sending a travel consultant, a translator/guide, and so on. The primary job of a travel agency is to provide easy and trouble-free travel to the traveler. It is also important for a travel agency to provide enough information to the tourist so that the tourist is not cheated during his or her travel and has a hassle-free trip.

To run a successful travel agency business and attract more customers (domestic or foreign) to use the services, you need to research, analyze, and meet the needs of the customers most effectively and efficiently. There is a huge list of places that attract tourism – the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, India Gate, the valleys, the greenery of South India, the urbanization of Bangalore, the modernity of Mumbai, and so much more. It is endless. Hence, a business in tourism is so popular as it perishes on the history, monuments, the weather and mountains, the ethnicity of a country.

16. Security & Spy Agency

Security and Spy Agency is a good business with less investment

With growing security needs you can start your own security agency another good option is to work as a spy.

17. Data Entry

Many companies today earn money by doing data entry work, so you may start providing services like this.

18. Resume Writer

If you are good at designing a resume and have a deep knowledge of the subject you can become a resume writer.

19. DJ Services

Disk jockey service is the part-time innovative business idea. People look for DJ on multiple occasions. If you are very good at music you can rock this business.

20. Music Classes

Business in the field of music is a very profitable business. You can earn a lot of profit from this business. All you need to capitalize on is expertise in music and having a musical instrument such as piano or guitar. If you do not have a building to open music classes, you can open this class in your home. You can take advantage of the empty garage to make a music class so that your students can comfortably learn.

21. Laundry

Laundry is one business that can be started with small capital, that is easy to handle and quickly get into the public market. Many people seek these services for their daily lives. Laundry business is a business that is suitable for you because you have enough to capitalize on the washing machine and detergent alone. There is already a lot of laundry business that has been successful. Do you want to follow their success? If yes then start with this low investment business idea which could return a high profit to you.

22. Web Designing

Web designing is a good business to start in low investment. Web designing services are needed now. You just have investments in the form of a laptop or PC and Internet networks. A job as a web designer only includes web designing and content. You can do this job easier when you are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and experience in this arena. You can also work at home as a freelance web designer. Because the business of web designing is needed by the people, so many people are looking for it and pay dearly to those who provide these services. This business doesn’t involve any investment. Although your skills in web development decide your pay scale for projects you undertake.

23. Affiliate Marketing

One business that is most preferred by people today is affiliate marketing. No need for high investment, you can sell other people’s products. Promoting a merchant’s product or services through some link provided (aka affiliate link) is the core of this kind of marketing. The interested individual signs a deal with the merchant like Clickbank, CJ, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. through its affiliate program, and receives a link in return.

The candidate promotes the link on social media and other platforms, and whenever a user clicks on the link, he/she is directed to the merchant’s portal. Any purchase done on the portal through this link is considered as a sale done by the affiliate marketer (in this case, you), and the merchant tracks all the sales done by the affiliate marketer.

The number of sales and the transaction amount involved determine the commission. You can start affiliate marketing without any investment. But affiliate marketing needs a strong virtual presence to garner the needed attention and awareness. If you have a small audience and if the audience trusts you then you can sell them anything you want.

24. Xerox Book Binding

Many college and school areas in India, don’t have this facility and this could be a potential business in that area.

25. Real Estate Agent

The Cost of land keeps increasing every day and people are unable to find one that satisfies their needs. This is where real estate agents can pitch in as helpers to search for the best deals. Being a real estate agent or broker is extremely beneficial. You can put up tariffs to find a potential buyer or looking for real estate required by prospective. It takes just communication tools and proficiency in speaking to please customers and make money.

26. YouTube Channel

Everyone knows about YouTube. Many famous personalities got their fame just because of YouTube. All you need to do is start a YouTube channel, create your videos, and publish them. The more often you upload the more viewers you get and the more you earn from online advertisements. Make-up tutorials, fashion tips, and tricks, educational content, enticing videos, comedy vlogs, inspirational videos, etc. dominate the scene of YouTube. However, for YouTube’s popularity, you should have patience and cleverness along with talent. Then, maybe you can be the next name on the list of famous YouTubers.

27. Cooking Classes

Whether you are a housewife or a cooking maniac, you can easily start it in your own kitchen with all your favorite recipes. Investing a lot is not necessary. Just start your cooking class, get the groceries, advertise a bit, and start earning.

28. Business Broker

This is the term where there is no initial investment. Just like Quikr and ebay does, get the people who want to sell their used products and connect them to those who want to buy those used products. Get the commission when the deal is exchanged.

29. Fast Food Restaurant

The food service industry in India was projected to grow at over 15% of CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2014 and 2020 according to the India Food Report released in January 2016.

Offering food and beverages by starting up a restaurant is probably the best business idea that is sure to create maximum value and profits, however, it is also very competitive. There are many cases of a failed restaurant or fast-food joint. You need to select the right location, it should be preferred to be situated in a crowd-friendly area where a constant flow of customers is present. You also need to consider what type of customers you want to attract – the niche. And depending upon that you should alter your style of serving food, offering services, and build up the interior thereafter.

Quality too plays an important role in the restaurant business. In today’s busy world where working people, students who eat most of the time out looking for quality food. You need to maintain the quality of the food. Online food delivery is also very trending and feasible nowadays. Grab a place, get a cook (or cook yourself), get a name, cook delicious food, and start earning. This is the only business where you start earning from the very first day and if customers like your food you can easily be a successful business owner.

30. Pharmacy

Starting a Pharmacy is a profitable low investment business idea. India is known for providing low-cost generic drugs to foreign countries, which has grown and matured more with the rising development of technology and product research. India is now gaining one of the top spots in health tourism, as people from Western countries find the best of health services matching international standards at more affordable rates.

Today India is the largest exporter of generic drugs in the world, and it is also the fastest growing and very competitive. India also has patents for pharmaceutical inventions that are in huge demand. And it can be a very profitable and lucrative business in India. The amount of doctors our country generates is very high and keeps on increasing day by day.

Earlier the doctor’s clinic and pharmacy used to be at distance from them, nowadays they have started attaching both and it is turning out to be very profitable for them. Although there is a huge investment in the initial stage, the profit after some amount of time is also huge. The medical shop earns huge revenue because most of the patients visit the doctor in the clinic and purchase the medicines from the shop itself.

31. Beauty Parlour / Fashion Boutique

Beauty parlour/fashion boutiques require less investment and beget good returns

Beauty parlour / fashion boutiques are some great less investment business you can start

People, especially women, are very conscious about their appearances. And the beauty industry caters to them. It includes beauty treatments of all sorts but much of the need is of basic hygiene. The beauty parlors do well if they are situated at the right place where the customer visits are often high and provide the services at an economical value. The fashion industry is thriving and is never out of business.

With new trends of Bollywood and around the globe – the brands of clothing, footwear, and accessories are always getting their inspiration from them and they are demanded by a huge base of customers. They sell at a very fast rate too. Opening up a boutique is therefore very opportunistic and can get you a lot of returns if operated efficiently. They both are therefore a very profitable business to enter in, especially for aspiring women who want to contribute to the income of their households.

32. Gardening Business

The gardening Business involves growing plants and mainly these days herbs are becoming tremendously popular. From small shops to the largest warehouses, one can find medicinal herbs, herbal teas, baths, and candles. The herbs can be planted and raised and then further sold to wholesale or retail customers. The major advantage of this business is that you just need Mother Nature which is real back to basic stuff, good for the body and the soul and it can be started from the comfort of one’s home as a pastime hobby.

It is good to start small, growing the herbs in a large backyard or by renting inexpensive land. The profit margins would be small. One would need a solid working knowledge of growing and nurturing herbs to scale the business. For working large areas of land, one would need to know the farming techniques in detail.

33. Clean and Green Services

Clean and green services add immense value to the people in families where everyone in the house is employed and doesn’t have time for basic housekeeping. Clean the house, water the plants, etc. So this type of business is catching up fast nowadays in metropolitan cities. This business is less capital intensive and has great margins in terms of profits. You will have to start by setting up a team and managing them. Training them is a crucial task as you besides just teaching them the techniques, you will have to give them moral lessons too. It will help to create a good image of the company. You will also require good communication skills to constantly manage your employees.

34. Jewelry Designing

Many people enjoy wearing authentic, handmade jewelry. The beauty of handmade jewelry lies in the fact that each and every piece is unique and the person who wears it feel a unique sense of pride and grace by wearing it. Jewelry designing involves the following steps:

·        Learn how to design jewelry.

·        Purchase the tool kit required.

·        Experiment with making various designs of jewelry at home.

·        Reach out to different jewelers to show them your designs. Try to find the jeweler who knows you personally so that they don’t steal your idea.

35. Bouquet and Greeting Card Making

No matter what the occasion might be, there is nothing that expresses our emotions better than a bouquet of flowers and a greeting card! There are different styles of bouquets to express our feelings. Whatever the feeling or the occasion, flowers play a prominent role. Making different types of bouquets and designing cards for various occasions is an art. For people with the right talent and passion for this, this business is very simple and less capital intensive.

It also reaps great profit margins as it caters to a niche market segment. This business can be interlinked with the wedding planning business and both can be done simultaneously to bring out the best ROI.

36. Accounting and Tax Preparation

If you are good with numbers, accounting and tax preparation business is a low budget business idea to start. Having sound knowledge regarding accounting, taxation, etc, you can handle financial records and tax-related issues of businesses and earn a good amount of profit with very less investment. You will need a computer and internet facilities and may need to hire a few people as you scale up.

37. Tatto Studio

Getting tattoos done practically anywhere on the visible parts of the body is in trend now. Tattoos are not just imprints but for some people, they can be a way of expressing emotions and who they are. If you’re passionate about tattoos and want people to get them done, you can set up a tattoo studio with some basic requirements. A good locality, tattoo equipment, hygienic atmosphere, and a lot of creativity. There! You have your own tattoo studio set up. You can easily save the cost of marketing by putting up your designs and customer reviews on social media platforms.

38. Insurance Agent

In the wake of pandemics, having a medical policy or health insurance has become vital. Insurances are short plans for the future and every individual is bound to have one. Pretty much everything can be insured in today’s times. The insurance umbrella accommodates everything from health, vehicle, shop, renters insurance, and much more. You can pick your segment of insurance and start your business journey by getting licensed as an insurance agent. You can tie yourself up with an insurance company or apply for a sole proprietorship. Typically, for a sole proprietor, commissions for every policy written can be charged between 12-15% and renewal at 5% to 10%

39. Pet Caretaker

This one is probably the best idea to start making quick bucks. Love dogs? Or cats? You just landed an opportunity to cash on it. There are so many busy pet owners who are guilty of leaving their pets at home for long hours while they are away for work or on vacations. Pets can suffer from separation anxiety and can get depressed if not taken care of. If you really love animals, you can opt for taking care of them while their parents are away. You could start small by providing food, taking them on walks, bathing them, etc., and later open up a hostel where you accommodate pets in larger numbers.

40. Dropshipping

Dropshipping has become a “go-to” option for many individuals who are planning on starting a small business on their own. Dropshipping is a business model where there are three parties, and you, the drop shipper acts as the third party. You have to find a reliable vendor or supplier preferably a local supplier who also manages inventory and has storage facilities.

The commission or profit margin has to be decided amongst yourselves with a mutual understanding. The drop shipper then markets the product on several platforms and brings orders to the supplier. The supplier handles the rest (packing, logistics, and delivery). Dropshipping is possible from giant e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart too.

41. Bakery

There is always a hyper-local bakery in every locality that takes up the responsibility of providing bread and baked items. Bakeries have become a part of essentials since they provide the most basic ingredients for a basic meal. Also, if you have a knack for baking and you can pull a cake out of the oven without burning it, maybe you could do this for a living. Cakes are a must, be it on any occasion. People will always find reasons to have cakes. Well, bakeries don’t just serve cakes but other items like bread, biscuits, and baked items too. Having a variety of healthy freshly baked loaves of bread is a sight for sore eyes. Bakery setup needs an initial investment for a good place, or ovens, and raw material.

42. Hand-made Chocolate Store

Anything handmade gives a personal touch to it, be it gifts or something you can never go wrong with, Chocolates. Handmade chocolates need proficiency and craft to make them sellable. Chocolates have innumerable combinations that can be experimented with in various permutations. You can start with applying your creativity with handmade chocolates as gifts, return gifts at birthday parties, for anniversaries, etc.

43. Honey Manufacturer

Honey manufacturer Business idea

Honey is a common item in 80% of Indian households. Its medicinal properties have proven to be beneficial for curing acid reflux, cold, and cough, and as a healthy alternative to sugar.

Considering the amount of its usage in food and medicine, honey is one of the most sought-after ingredients in Indian households. Therefore, beekeeping can be a profitable business when planned well. What’s more, the government of India supports beekeeping businesses by providing loans and subsidies.

To start with your own beekeeping business, you will have to obtain the following:

·        Firm registration

·        Trade license

·        FSSAI license

·        GST registration

·        Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Certificate

Other than the ones mentioned above, beekeeping will require the following tools

·        Bee Colony

·        Protective Gear (suits, glares, veils)

·        Machinery (honey extractor, uncapping knife, beekeeper suit)

The honey manufacturing business can turn into a fortune if executed well. There is a higher scope for the business as India is one of the main exporters of honey.

44. Food/Tiffin Service

In a fast-paced world, as is ours, people rarely have the time and patience to cook their own meals. Eating out and take-outs are fun until you can’t eat junk food anymore. That’s where tiffin services save your day. Tiffin services are the ones where you are supplied with regular homemade food on a monthly basis. This business is great to start off with especially if you’re living nearby a corporate area or college or hostel. You can cook basic meals like roti, sabzi, dal, rice and some salad. You can start with supplying tiffins in your neighborhood and slowly market it through social media and word of mouth.

45. Children Play/Adventure Area

Play/adventure areas are enjoyed by both kids and adults. Play areas and parks are always full as they are fun and stress-busting. To start off with a kid’s play area you could hire a small place and paint it with your creative imagination. Throw in some slides, swings, see-saws, puzzles, and comic books. You could set up Galli cricket and mini football areas. This business could go as high as you take it as there is no limit to adventure. You could also rent some of the games and books and keep your customers coming back for more.‌‌

46. Baby Crèche

A lot of women working in corporate offices are on a crèche hunt for their babies. Some offices have taken an initiative to set up cheches in the office premises itself. But that is not the case with most companies. New moms always find it hard to juggle work and motherhood. If you are someone who enjoys taking care of babies, you could start a baby crèche with a bunch of other women helping you. All you need is a good airy floor, cradles, diapers, and baby food. ‌‌

47. Custom Gift Store

There are numerous stores featuring custom gifts for several occasions by various small artists. If you have a rental shop ready, you could feature custom-made gifts made by you or someone else in your shop. Custom gifts include handmade cards, embroidered items, pictorial gifts, etc. as you scale up you could hire people and have consumers customize their stuff.

48. Antique Shop

All the urban and sub-urban homeowners are always looking for something unique to make their house feel like home. Antiques are priceless as they come from a place in history. India can never run out of antiques as it has a super-rich culture and heritage. You can start off by vising touristy places and collecting antiques and reselling in your circle. As your business picks up you could import or even export stuff to international buyers.‌‌

49. Organic Farming

Organic Farming Business idea

Most of the urban crowd is altering their eating habits and choosing an organic diet. Organic foods are pesticide-free, rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, and hence are much preferred. If you have agricultural land that is spared or has enough space around you can start organic farming. A lot of technical experts provide farming knowledge for free or you could hire an expert to farm your land. Organic foods are seeing exponential growth and bound to have huge demand in the near future.‌‌

50. MLM Network Marketing

Multilevel Marketing has been around in India for quite some time now. It is a business model that works on networking. You pick a company of your choice and invest an initial amount to get started. You market the product and network with other people and make them join you under your name. The person under you follows the same procedure. This forms a chain and every member is benefitted from the commission earned on the sales made by themselves and the members under them. Examples of MLM marketing are Amway, Oriflamme, Modicare, etc.‌‌

51. Marriage Bureau/Matchmaking

Marriage bureaus are full-time, never running out of customers kind of business. Indian moms will always find one of these. Although apps like Tinder have the youth indulging in casual dating, matrimonial sites like are spread pan India matching people with their soul mates. If you think you have the sixth sense that’s required for a task like this, matchmaking is something you could monetize from. Now, heads-up, this won’t be a money-making machine from the beginning as families coming to a marriage bureau are very specific with their preferences. There will be groundwork and meeting a lot of people. But once you get the taste of it, this business is truly exponential.‌‌

52. Organic Candle/Soap Making

A decade ago, I thought soaps were only manufactured in factories. Not the case though. Turns out a YouTube video can guide you to make heavenly-smelling candles and soaps by investing some cost and pouring in a lot of your creativity. It takes basic knowledge of soap and candle making and the rest is all colors, fragrances, shapes, and glitter. You could charge a premium amount for these products as they are handmade, mostly, and are organic, and can be diversified into many different products. ‌‌

53. Career Counselling

Now this one might require a legit degree and a lot of expertise. Career counseling is one of the most groundbreaking businesses in the educational sector today. Career counseling helps individuals choose their careers based on their interests, abilities, and acquired or natural skills. By the end of 2030, India’s population below 25 years of age would be 80 crores. Career guidance requisites would surge by a huge margin and this is the right time to start your business with it.‌‌

54. Aquarium Store

Aquarium stores provide you with fish tanks, fishes of all kinds. To start off with an aquarium store, you need to invest in buying pairs of fishes, fish tanks, oxygen setups, etc. Aquarium stores these days often customize the setting in a fish tank based on the size and requirement of the buyer. You can also offer fish food and tank-related equipment.‌‌

55. Photo Studio

If you’re good at photography, there is a wide range of fields in photography where you could apply your skills. They include pre-wedding shoots, wedding shoots, maternity shoots, commercial shoots for ad campaigns, or portraits. Chose your niche, grab a decent camera and get on with it.‌‌

56. Professional Reviewer

Many companies often look for their products to be tested and require valuable feedback. These companies pick individuals and send a free product for review. You can become a professional reviewer if you can get companies to pick you. You need an active blog or YouTube channel for posting these reviews as they happen to reach a huge demographic. Make sure you have the required knowledge and expertise to talk about the product. ‌‌

57. Low-Cost Franchise

Franchises are a strategy of conglomerates to expand their business across cities and states. Companies offer to set up costs and decent margins behind the stock to be sold. Start with researching a product or service that is doing well in the market and has a scope to grow in the future. Invest in the inception of the franchise and work towards marketing the product or service and watch the business grow.

58. Mystery Shopper/Customer Survey

A mystery shopper is someone who reviews products or services by discreetly visiting shops, evaluating the staff, testing products, possibly making a purchase, and filling a survey or feedback form. All you need to do is be 18 years old, have access to the internet, good command of the local or English language, and have a smartphone. Surveys too are great for a busy or flexible schedule.‌‌

59. Stockbroker/Mutual Funds Agent

Mutual funds are subject to market risks. But they’re a great way of investing for the long term, short term, or any specific goals. Salaried and business entrepreneurs are into mutual funds and share markets with the hype around on social media. But most of them lack experience and knowledge. If you are someone with great knowledge about stocks, you could get certified with a legit course and start your own stockbroking firm. How this works, is when customers want to invest in a share or mutual fund, they come to you to use your expertise and invest their money in their respective options. You can charge them a commission for handling their accounts, profits earned in the case of the stock market and premiums in the case of mutual fund plans.‌‌

60. Virtual Assistant Service

A virtual assistance service is a remote job where an individual works on a contract basis with a company providing assistance on everyday tasks. This is a remote job and can be done from a home office or remotely. It typically involves being skilled in social media management, administration, or someone who can schedule, make appointments, calls, or travel arrangements. It has an array of options that you can explore or upgrade your skillset to get placed with elite companies.

61. Tourist Guide

If you’re living in a place boarded regularly by tourists, you could use this opportunity to show people around. But first, a guide must be a tourist. He/she should have the urge to travel and explore different places. You need to become the explorer yourself. Find out tourist spots, shopping places, food options, and the touristy places people would love to explore and visit. If traveling comes naturally to you, this might be your gig. You could blog and vlog your experiences on YouTube and other platforms.  ‌‌‌‌‌‌


Q. What are some small scale business ideas?

A. If you would like to run some small businesses, then there are several in numbers to pick and move ahead. However, keep it in mind that you need to put investment on the businesses and proceed further. In case, if you are not aware of small businesses to begin, then there are several business ideas to go with. In order to pick the best, then you can move with T-shirt business, home baker, cloud kitchen and more. According to your budget, you can go ahead and run your business smoothly. On the other hand, you can even deal with the experts who are already very much experience in handling businesses. At this stage, you can go ahead and utilize it in a better way for sure.

Q. What is the best business to start in India involving little initial investment?

A. Well I am not sure how much does your “ Less Investment ” means, But I would like to give a business idea which can be implemented in 3–4 Lacs. And this would fetch a very good income for you in the current period.

Nowadays with the increase in the demand for OLA and UBER cabs in the country ( Especially Cities ) the demand for cars is also increasing.

So all you need to do is buy a normal Car, like say Indica, Vista or any other car.

Hire a driver who can drive properly and has knowledge of the roads in the city.

Go to UBER or OLA and register your car with them. With a very minimum amount, the registration will be completed and the car should have a yellow number plate.

Done! Once you enroll with them, you can start driving.

Now you must be wondering what about the profit and recovery of your investment? So Let me tell you , UBER pays Rs 4400 for 16 trips you make a day. And 16 rides per day is quite easy to make.

Now if you calculate 4400 x 30 = Rs 1,32,000 per month is your Income . Out of this, you need to subtract the cost of diesel, servicing, etc. So the Cost of Diesel comes up to be around 30,000–40,000. Servicing of the car around 5000. And 10,000 other misc. Expenses. Still, at the end of the month, you can fetch around Rs 75,000.

Apart from this, the cab companies also give some bonuses and all to encourage drivers. So I feel this is a great deal. You can recover your investment in less than a year.