There is no time as the present in actively evolving to sustainability. World health concerns are at their highest rate than ever before. Entrepreneurs are resilient in shaping the consumable water by retaining its minerals and boosting its benefits. Water is the single most resource on earth that is connected to a diverse lifeform and ensures their existence. Business Outreach Magazine cannot stress enough on the remarkable journey of Liquiclear Technologies and their innovative LDI water purification system.

Chirag Bhalla and Harendra Pratap Singh

Liquiclear Technologies was co-founded by Chirag Bhalla and Harendra Pratap Singh. The startup has been garnering immense appreciation from governments and communities for their state-of-the-art sustainable water purification and softening systems. Liquiclear Technologies share that with their purification method, the water is rich in minerals and is recorded with only 15% to 20% wastage.

Looking back into the journey, the inception of Liquiclear Technologies emerged from the adverse effects of water treatment and with a strategy to share a market solution. Chirag Bhalla was concerned about the fact that a lot of water was being wasted in RO water purifiers. Under the leadership of Chirag Bhalla and Harendra Pratap Singh, Liquiclear Technologies aims to deliver clean mineral rich water that shares a vibrant impact on the communities, without harming the environment.  

Liquiclear Technologies

The market is evolving at a rapid pace and Liquiclear Technologies have been heavily invested in perfecting its electronic-based purification & softening method i.e. LDI & LDISF, which minimize water wastage and eliminate the need for resin and salt in case of water softener, which is the need of the hour. This comes as a commendable step for ensuring sustainable water purification and softening practices. Most importantly, the business model of Liquiclear is based on a customer-centric method. Their enormous success is based on unparalleled customer support tailored with product excellence.

With several outreach programs with nonprofit organizations, Liquiclear is very vocal about the growing challenges of access to clean water. It is riveting to know about the Karnataka Government and other departments collaborating with Liquiclear Technologies. A company’s growth is based on a trust that is earned from the market. Liquiclear is noted to install Mineral Water dispensers in and around Rashtrapati Bhavan, Kartavaya Marg, New Delhi. This is an effort that expresses a great deal of commitment towards the community by Liquiclear technologies. The company’s focus on water purification earned them the MAKE IN INDIA ICONS Award from Dainik Jagran.

Clean drinking water is a right for all citizens of India. Liquiclear Technologies have expanded to SOUTHERN regions of the country like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. In entrepreneurship, Liquiclear has surpassed their fair share of challenges. Innovating on the latest technologies in accordance with water conditions in India, adapting to the matter has been a constant task to ensure best product delivery. Furthermore, educating customers about the adverse effects of demineralised water on the human body have been overwhelming for Liquiclear Technologies.

Additionally, maintaining a stellar supply chain has been a pivotal area of supervision. The company is an advocate for ‘Make in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ initiatives where they are empowering ‘save water mission of India’. Liquiclear has been steadfast on its objective to revolutionize the water purification industry. When we asked Liquiclear Technologies about their take on positive impact towards the society they said. “Water is life and it is important to conserve it to all extent possible.