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Can you tell me about the most precious thing given to mankind? One must argue about several domains present in our society and the most obvious answer that pops up is ‘money’. But, Business Outreach Magazine says otherwise. It is ‘time’ that is extremely invaluable and cannot be regained in spite of every effort made to find it. You see that is the exclusivity of time, that one must understand. Living every moment and respecting the life that is being gifted to us by our creators. Sometimes it does occur in events that are not in our control and as they say, ’time flies away. 

The society we thrive in is built with the pillars of time and a number of rules. These rules set us apart from other species of our ecosystem and what makes us the smartest ones present on earth. In full transparency, these rules equate to the law and order of our society. It is our responsibility to maintain the legal trajectory and make this habitat civil and sustainable. Business Outreach Magazine brings to you the story of ‘Legal Salah’, a technology-driven company that upholds the integrity of law and order and offers services with just a click away. 

Legal Salah was founded in 2016 in the city of joy, Kolkata. Back then there was just 200 sq. ft of office space and a mind full of dreams. Some dream includes selfless legal and financial services to our society. With years passing and overcoming hundreds of obstacles, Legal Salah currently has more than 5,000 clients and offshore offices in places like Dubai and Singapore. Sounds extraordinary, isn’t it? 

But lies behind the curtain are some relentless passion for the profession of the CEO, Subh Jha, and the COO, Sujit Jha. Both being a lawyer by profession, Subh and Sujit understand the gravity of the legal structure of India and how challenging it is to understand it. With the vision to keep clients over everything, Legal Salah was founded to provide 24 hours of service and 7 days a week, with the help of their mobile app and company website. 

The company wants to make legal and financial services easily accessible to clients and help them gain clarity about the progress of their cases. The enormous success of Legal Salah was only possible due to the presence of the cooperative team, those who spend countless hours building the company for the place where they are. In India, this is probably the only company, which offers legal services with the help of an ‘app’. Such diversity allows both SMEs and MNCs to walk through a hassle-free process to reach their specific goals when coming to Legal Salah for help. 

When it comes to getting legal help from a professional, time plays a pivotal role throughout the process. Legal Salah wants to change the traditional mindset of the people and bring the power of software into the picture to expedite the steps involved in the matter of law. For such a company that empowers culture and an inclusive society, clients like Hero Motocorp, Flipkart, OYO, Sulekha, and many others reached out to Legal Salah for guidance and assistance. The world has adopted the digital way to solve issues and Legal Salah wants to explore the possibilities of combining the present with the future, where legal assistance can be addressed with the help of technology. The company states that each year about Rs. 150 crores are spent to fill fines in India because businesses are not always fully aware of the proper methods of the law. Thus, shifting from an aggregator model to a transactional in-house service provider model, Legal Salah enhanced their quality of services and was able to structure the system more efficiently. In 2017, just one year after its inception, Legal Salah had about 300 clients, which included Sulekha and Hero Motocorp. Between the years 2018 and 2019, more than 5,000 startups got themselves registered in India with the help of Legal Salah. 

By now, the company stretched its wings even higher and opened offices in Delhi and Bangalore with a team of 50 dedicated individuals. But success crossed its benchmark when in 2020, Legal Salah raised $ 1 million from Angel investors and I2i capital, which made them open offices in Dubai and Singapore between 2021-2022. Some of the services that the company offers are in corporate compliances, taxation, company registration, IPs, brand protection, rating agreements of negotiation, and litigation services. They have served more than 10 lakh customers in sectors like real estate, entrepreneurship, SMCG, SMEs, startups, and the list goes on.

All of these achievements date to just 6 years and after so many hardships. Legal Salah discusses with Business Outreach that they were lucky in finding the right people at the right time. We say that it is the efficacy of their critical judgment and achievements that brought good people to them. The company believes in the quote that ‘Make it big or go home and they instill faith in the goal. If an optimist like them has confidence in their goals, it is imperative that success will come, simply by knocking at your door. 

The Co-founder of CEO, Subh Jha is equipped with degrees of BA LLB and C.S and has expertise in collaborating with difficult populations of the society and giving them legal assistance. He is a public speaker and a transformational leader who has provided integrated learning in legal services in India and also overseas. Subh Jha has years of knowledge in advising premium clients with investment documentation solutions. Subh Jha, with his stellar reputation, has been invited by prestigious educational institutions like Jadavpur University, Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, Techno India, St. Xavier’s College, and many others as a speaker and be a part of the judge’s panel list. 

Sujit Jha, the co-founder of Legal Salah, has a degree in BA LLB and is pursuing an IP Attorney LLM in Business Law. As a public speaker himself, he has been invited by JIS College, NSED Cell, Goa NSET, and many more to be a part of the panel of judges. Sujit Jha has effectively created the company with an impeccable team and has provided advice in taxation and accounting for countless startups and entrepreneurs. 

Client feedback will probably be out of words and paper due to the number of contributions Legal Salah has provided. Nivedita Masih says, “ A great platform to get access to valuable and inexpensive legal advice from top professionals of the field. I used it and simply love it”. Experience seems to be beautiful when Anurag Jain also states, “I am so pleased with the complete Legal Salah team, they are so friendly and have a very positive attitude with the professional response, keep up, great work, make India proud”. Legal Salah received the ‘Best Startup of the Year Award’ in 2019 and the ‘Best Legal Service of the Year Award’ in 2022, under India’s goal of an ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. Along with the prestigious accolades, media houses like Aaj Tak, YourStory, Economic Times, CNBC Awaaz, and many more have featured Legal Salah. 

Business Outreach Magazine appreciates such startups that are for the people and by the best people in town. The legal and financial sector is indeed very complicated in India and getting the best advice is suggested. Legal Salah is aiming to open more offices in the United States and Europe, where they feel the market has the potential to be explored. Well! We wish them the very best in their venture and with this concludes the story of the best software-focused, legal and financial services startup company, “Legal Salah”.