The 100 brand-new, non-AC Ashwamedha Classic buses were introduced by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. The new “Ashwamedha” buses have a height of 3.42 meters and a “bucket type” layout with 52 seats overall.

KSRTC launches the new "Ashwamedha" service

The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, officially opened 100 brand-new “Ashwamedha” buses on Monday. These buses are being operated by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and will be used on the Bengaluru to Mysuru route. Bengaluru’s Vidhana Soudha served as the venue for the inauguration, which was attended by state transportation minister Ramalinga Reddy as well as other dignitaries.

These buses have a fresh look, more legroom, and a few more conveniences. Last year, a prototype bus was unveiled for testing.

According to a KSRTC spokesman, the buses will operate as point-to-point express cars, meaning they will go from different district headquarters to Bengaluru. Public address systems, panic buttons, and car position trackers are a few of the features

“At a function organized by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation in front of the Vidhana Soudha today, the Chief Minister @siddaramaiah inaugurated 100 New Design Karnataka transport buses (Ashwamedha – Point to Point Express),” the CM’s official Twitter handle stated.

Starting today, the transport corporation will offer point-to-point express bus service between the two cities under the name “Ashwamedha.”

According to a report, some of these buses are also intended to travel on the K.R. Nagar and Hunsur to Bengaluru routes. According to Srinivas, the Divisional Controller of the Mysuru KSRTC, officials have suggested adding thirty more electric buses to the current fleet of fourteen on the Mysuru to Bengaluru route. This information was shared with the Star of Mysore.

According to Srinivas, the routes for the new electric buses—which would include trips from Mysuru to Hunsur and Mysuru to H. D. Kote—will be mapped out by the authorities shortly, as reported by Hindustan Times

According to Hindustan Times, the new “Ashwamedha” buses have a height of 3.42 meters and a “bucket type” layout with 52 seats overall. The “Reconceptualizing Travel” theme is used to stylize these buses, and the ride fee will stay the same for the duration of the service in an effort to maintain affordability and make frequent travel between the cities easier for commuters.

According to the source, “Ashwamedha” buses also have roomy interiors, tinted glasses, LED lights, an LED route display, self-closing doors, and an emergency door-opening button.