The CEO of Ola, Bhavish Aggarwal, has revealed Krutrim AI, his newest venture. Ola asserted that Krutrim is “an AI model of (India’s) own, built on local Indian knowledge, languages, and data,” and that it is “India’s first full-stack AI” solution designed for India and Indians. AI will completely change everything and have a profound impact on our cultural and economic lives. This time, India will construct our own instead of utilising goods from the West.”

Touted as the first artificial intelligence initiative in India, the announcement was made via a hybrid event that was live-streamed on YouTube. The word “artificial” in Sanskrit is Krutrim. According to Aggarwal, the model can generate in ten Indian languages and interpret twenty, including Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Odia.

India has to take the lead in AI globally, according to Aggarwal.

“All AI models nowadays, known as LLMs, are mostly trained in English; yet, language is more than just text. Given our multicultural, multilingual background, language is also the medium via which cultural values, context, and ethos are conveyed. According to Aggarwal, current AI models just aren’t able to capture India’s culture, knowledge, and aspirations.

According to Aggarwal, there aren’t many times when a technological advancement may have a significant impact on culture and the economy at the same time, making our economy the most powerful, productive, and efficient in the world.

The technology sector in India will follow a nonlinear path and become a global knowledge centre as a result of an AI-first economy. And India will become a scientific discovery leader with an AI-first economy. Furthermore, rather than being assimilated into a single global paradigm, AI will be a vehicle for cultural expression (Krutrim). Furthermore, we are pleased to present Krutrim today,” Aggarwal stated.

What is Krutrim?

Ola says that over 2 trillion tokens, or subwords used in conversations, have been utilised to train Krutrim, a large language model (LLM). Aggarwal presented a demo of the AI model in which it produced stories, poems, and other content in several Indian languages, but he acknowledged that Krutrim was still in its infancy.

Trained on two trillion tokens, this model has numerous architectural breakthroughs. “During the demo, Ola’s CMO, Ravi Jain, stated that this LLM has the largest representation of training data ever and can power the majority of database applications while providing the ideal performance and cost balance.”

The extremely large multimodal AI model, Krutrim Pro, will soon be released, he added. It will have more advanced task execution and problem-solving skills.

In the upcoming quarter, Krutrim Pro will be released.

Aggarwal has consistently expressed optimism over AI’s capacity to be a forceful driver for cultural assimilation. He emphasised that India needs its own artificial intelligence (AI) system because a lot of widely used language models are developed using data from outside of India.

In terms of Indic language support, the team behind Krutrim claims that it surpasses even GPT-4.