Five Kirloskar companies, headed by brothers Atul and Rahul Kirloskar, announced they would modify into a future-ready and customer-centric business. In contrast, innovation is at the essence of the group’s business philosophy.

The five companies- Kirloskar Oil Engines, Kirloskar Chillers, Kirloskar Pneumatic, Kirloskar Ferrous Industries and Kirloskar Industries. While advancing with their growth in the B2B segment, these companies will embark on a dynamic change in the B2C realm with the enactment of new-age technology solutions and digitisation, such as 3D printing, the Internet of Things, digitisation, artificial intelligence, they said in a joint briefing.

The companies will tender meaningful investments over the next two to three years overall businesses, including new ones like real estate (Avante Spaces) and NBFC (Arka Fincap). Recently, top expertise was hired to feed rising growth. These include Mahesh Chhabria at Kirloskar Industries, Vimal Bhandari at Arka Fincap, Vinesh Jairath for the real estate business and K. Srinivasan at Kirloskar Pneumatic. R.V. Gumaste, Sanjeev Nimkar and Avinash Manjul continue to lead Kirloskar Ferrous Industries, Kirloskar Oil Engines and Kirloskar Chillers.

Atul Kirloskar, the executive chairman, Kirloskar Oil Engines, stated, “We have undertaken the journey towards becoming a fully integrated conglomerate. Our new vision keeps the changing needs of the customer in mind, reorienting us from manufacturing to solutions around it. We are going from a solid, engineering-driven firm to a future-ready firm, geared for an enhanced customer experience. We are looking at the adoption of new-age technology solutions and digitisation, a future-ready team that is exposed to the best people practices and recognises and rewards performance,” he stated.

Rahul Kirloskar, the executive chairman, Kirloskar Pneumatic, stated, “We are now expanding our horizons and have made leaps from just products to solutions, to customer centricity and now to digital architecture.”