K-drama about business has something to learn from, not only for young but for all age entrepreneurs along with entertainment.


Running a business gives you the position of your own boss. K-drama about business is the best example of it. It definitely wow everyone. To get a quick sneak peek at entrepreneurship this K-drama business is a must-watch. The outreach of these shows has reached across the world. 

In the industry of K-drama, there is something for each one, if you are someone who loves owning a business or planning to run someday then watching a drama related to business will definitely catch interest. 

What is K-drama?

K-drama stands for Korean drama, they are famously known as K-dramas. They are TV series originally in the Korean language and most of the Korean actors. The K-dramas are from South Korea. These dramas are famous globally, partially because of the outreach of Korean famous culture and their availability through streaming services in multiple subtitles languages. 

Many Korean dramas have been adopted across the world, and some have had a potential impact on other countries. For instance, Dae Jang Geum (2003) sold to 150 countries and has done great business in the worldwide entertainment industry. 

How does a business drama inspire?

Korean dramas have caught the attention of their style, culture, and fashion across the world. The growing popularity of K-dramas had led to a great increase in fashion lines. Opposite to famous belief, K-dramas set up in the workplace don’t talk about office romances. Some also show a perspective of working life and the confusion faced while chasing dreams. 

Business K-dramas can be purifying and influential for viewers as they watch the cast overcome challenges in their work journey and achieve what they plan out to do. You’re not just the one who finished start-Up and searching for a similar series to watch. Or, you may be thinking what’s all the hype about this K-drama outreach. 

The reason behind the business of K-dramas outreach is its plotting of series and acting of their characters give an instance and set an example for the young business owners. It simply shows how everyone has to struggle when business planning is needed, or just how your strong wish to run a business can help you become successful. 

Best K-drama about business

K-drama has outreached to all over the world just because of its stories. But this time people are getting inspired and also admiring the business K-dramas. Do you want to know how? Here is the mind-blowing list of Korean dramas that revolves around business and entrepreneurs. 


If you are someone who wishes to own a business someday or is just addicted to K-drama then this Start-Up is surely for you, you will get entertainment as well as obtain new knowledge and influence the business world and ownership in a very positive way. 

Start-up is revolving around two sisters Seo Dal-mi and Won In-Jae who got separated after their parents’ divorce. Dal-Mi lives with her father who passed away even before seeing the flourishment or his business. 

On the other hand, In-Jae lives with her mother who remarries a rich businessman. However, after growing up they both wishes to become CEO and they meet again at Sandbox competition, a place for start-ups in Silicon Valley of South Korea. 

The drama shows how starting any business is not as easy as it literally seems and being an owner is definitely not easy at all. The journey of ownership of these go-getter sisters is inspirational to watch. 

Itaewon Class

This drama revolves around a man Park Sae Ro Yi who wishes to start his own food venture so that he can take revenge for this father’s demise. His competition is with the biggest food business venture in South Korea. 

He failed a lot but he didn’t stop trying, that’s what makes this K-drama iconic. Although he has passion and good business concepts where he lacks when it comes to modern marketing, however, he meets a girl Jo Yi SEO who helps him with business strategy and marketing planning

She brings a lot of needed changes in the food joint and struggles to become a great start-up. Start-up is a very underrated word, however, when it comes to starting it, one faces many crucial challenges and heartbreaks. 

I am not a robot

Jo Ji ah is a very innovative woman who has lots of knowledge about various products that she aspires to sell, and wants to have owned a business to be her own boss. However, after the constant failure of her ideas, her brother forces her for an ordinary job.

One day she runs into her ex-boyfriend, who is a scientist and developed just developed a robot that looks like her, due to some problem in the real robot he offers her to act as a fake one for some houses which turned to be many days than what she signed for. 

Jo is passionate and wishes for business, her constant search to come across the right idea to start a successful business is worth inspiring and learning for anyone who wants to start their own business but needs a strong mental nudge. 

Crash landing in uh

The story revolves around the heiress So Yi Jin, who feels stressed and incomplete inside. She then starts her own company independently in the beauty and fashion industry. She is very passionate about her venture, she tests the quality of her goods and tries them out.

Her hard work and focus were made successful. This Korean drama is inspiring for all and taught us the difference between being successful and rich. For So Yi successful was something she was lacking. 

While testing her products she was paragliding and mistakenly land in North Korea. Her aggressive attitude even as a CEO and heiress, the drama will surely give you some kick on the business run. 


K-drama about business is nothing less than best to get inspired for being a businessman or to own an organization. You just need inspiration along with ideas and complete dedication.