In a joint statement made by the United States and Japan on the dawn of Friday, they stated that the alliance of the Quad nations ( US,Japan, Australia and India) will ensure that the alliance remains a cause for good. 

The two countries announced this in a joint statement after US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida met at the White House on the 24th.

The joint statement conveyed ” With an unbreakable bilateral relationship as our foundation, we will also collaborate with others, in the region and beyond, for the benefit of the Indo-Pacific and the world. Together with Australia and India, we will ensure the Quad continues to be a force for good, committed to bringing tangible benefits to the region, including by delivering results on global health, cybersecurity, climate, critical and emerging technologies, and maritime domain awareness,”

The Quad which is known to be a Quadrilateral Security Dialogue formed after the continuous aggression of China consists of India, Us , Japan and Australia. 

According to the joint statement, Japan and the United States will continue to support ASEAN’s centrality and unity, as well as ASEAN’s approach to the Indo-Pacific region.Biden said in a joint press statement held in the Oval Office there has never been a time when the US has been closer to Japan.

He further added that in the past year japanese PM have conveyed to biden that Japan and US are two nations which share a common fundamental value and agreeing with the statement Biden have said that these shared democratic values are the source of our strength, the source of our alliance, and the source of our being able to deliver for all our people. 

Biden further added that they are helping Japan modernize its armed forces as Japan’s defense budget and spending is increasing. He assured that Us is committed to the alliance and, more importantly, to the defense of Japan

Prime Minister Kishida said Japan and the United States are currently facing the most challenging and complex security situation in recent history. To safeguard Japan, the Asian country formulated a new national security strategy late last year.