In the earlier days, individuals desiring to travel to a different city faced the arduous task of navigating a complex and time-consuming process for ticket booking and arranging accommodation, primarily relying on offline channels. Recognizing the pressing need for a streamlined and efficient solution, Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar established Ixigo in 2007.


Ixigo, positioned as a pioneer in the travel industry, has successfully alleviated the challenges faced by travelers through its innovative travel planning products. The platform, accessible via its website and various mobile applications, eliminates the necessity for tourists to sift through extensive information and navigate intricate online travel arrangements. 

Instead, Ixigo simplifies the process by aggregating and comparing real-time travel data, encompassing details such as prices, flight and train availability, bus schedules, cab services, hotel options, travel packages, and destinations.

Through Ixigo’s comprehensive travel solutions, tasks such as railway bookings, flight reservations, bus ticketing, hotel accommodations, and more have been transformed into effortless endeavors, providing users with a seamless and gratifying travel planning experience.

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Ixigo : About

About Ixigo

Ixigo stands as India’s premier online and mobile travel search and planning platform, providing an unparalleled one-stop solution for discerning travelers. Our platform meticulously aggregates and compares the most exceptional deals across a comprehensive array of travel services, including hotels, flights, buses, trains, and packages.

We curate and review the most pertinent travel information from over 100 leading travel websites, ensuring that our users receive the most reliable and comprehensive insights for their journeys.

Our dedicated train app, available on the Google Play Store, has garnered acclaim with a stellar 4.3-star rating from a user base exceeding 1 lakh. This positive reception can be attributed to the unbiased exploration results and the intuitively designed user interface, both of which contribute to making Ixigo a preeminent travel companion in the Indian market. 

Consolidating Distinct Services into One Seamless Travel Hub:

The company formerly operated two subsidiary applications, each serving distinct purposes. One application facilitated brands in reaching train travelers in a contextual manner. Concurrently, the other application assisted users in discovering relevant apps and exclusive deals across various domains such as e-commerce, hyperlocal services, online travel, and food delivery, thanks to collaborations with advertisers.

Moreover, the ixigo Trains application provided consumers with the convenience of booking intercity ride-sharing through BlaBlaCar. This feature proved particularly advantageous in situations where trains to a specific destination were unavailable or if tickets were waitlisted. Recognizing the evolving needs of its users, ixigo has consolidated all these services into its parent application. This integrated platform now enables users to seamlessly book flights, trains, buses, hotels, visas, and more, all in one place, offering a comprehensive and efficient solution for on-the-go travel planning.

Ixigo : Startup Story

Ixigo : Startup Story

The spirit of entrepreneurship had long dwelled within the camaraderie of Aloke and Rajnish, former colleagues at IIT Kanpur. However, their aspirations were somewhat ensnared by the constraints of a 35-hour workweek in the corporate environment of Amadeus in France. Eager to liberate themselves from the clutches of a rigid professional life, they made the bold decision to relinquish their lucrative positions in Europe and return to India in 2006, fully committed to pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

 Establishing a workspace in a rented studio apartment in Gurgaon marked the beginning of their journey.

In the nascent stages of their venture, the founders of ixigo found themselves grappling with the uncertainty of how to channel their entrepreneurial drive. It wasn’t until they experienced firsthand the challenges of making travel bookings for various destinations in India that they identified a compelling opportunity.

 Motivated by the inefficiencies they encountered, they embarked on the ambitious venture of creating a travel meta-search website exclusively for flights in India, inaugurating their endeavor in 2007. Despite facing financial constraints and forgoing salaries for an entire year, their unwavering perseverance eventually led to the fruition of ixigo.

The genesis of our company was driven by a profound vision: to create a product that streamlines the search and comparison of hotel information for Indian travelers, offering a centralized online platform to enhance their convenience. Our inception occurred within the burgeoning online travel sector, a landscape that has evolved significantly, positioning us as one of India’s foremost and sustainable enterprises.

Ixigo : Vision

As a Gurgaon-based travel technology startup, ixigo places a paramount emphasis on enabling Indian travelers to seamlessly plan, book, and manage their journeys across diverse modes of transportation, including railways, airways, roadways, and accommodations. Our dedication to facilitating a hassle-free travel experience underscores our broader corporate vision and mission.

Ixigo : Business And Revenue Model

Ixigo : Business And Revenue Model

Ixigo operates on a business model that aligns seamlessly with the requirements of airports, providing travelers with an impartial platform for comprehensive comparisons of available choices. This facilitates informed decisions among travelers, ensuring a seamless booking experience without hesitation. Functioning as an intermediary between users and various travel booking websites, Ixigo derives revenue through commissions on each successfully facilitated booking.

Distinguished by innovative features such as the 180-day fare viewpoint, direct booking capabilities for airline tickets, and a feature-rich hotel exploration mechanism, Ixigo stands out as an exceptionally user-friendly portal. 

Its meta-search business model aggregates travel contracts from over 100 travel sites, empowering millions of explorers to optimize both time and financial resources during their journeys. The commitment to user convenience and the integration of advanced functionalities contribute to Ixigo’s status as a preferred choice for discerning travelers.

In April 2016, the company introduced a meta-search application for transportation services, specifically targeting cabs, with the primary objective of augmenting revenue streams. Complementing this initiative, the company implemented an in-app booking feature, providing users with the convenience of making reservations directly through their website using a third-party, technologically advanced application. This strategic expansion not only underscores the company’s commitment to diversifying its revenue sources but also enhances user experience by seamlessly integrating booking capabilities into its platform.

Ixigo : Competitors

Ixigo operates in a dynamic market where it encounters numerous competitors spanning across various segments. In the realm of private applications, notable players such as MakeMyTrip and GoIbibo are formidable contenders. Additionally, it faces competition from government-backed platforms like the IRCTC train booking system.

 The market is saturated with online booking and transaction facilitators, encompassing both transportation and accommodation services. This landscape amplifies the complexity of Ixigo’s competitive environment, necessitating a strategic approach to navigate and excel in this multifaceted industry.

Ixigo : Product and Services

Ixigo : Product and Services


Ixigo proudly announces the launch of PLAN, its cutting-edge intelligent travel planner, on July 10, 2023. Developed in collaboration with OpenAI, a distinguished startup specializing in AI research and deployment, PLAN marks a significant advancement in travel assistance.

Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, PLAN leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to proficiently process and comprehend individual customer preferences. This capability enables the platform to deliver highly personalized suggestions, meticulously crafted itineraries, and informed recommendations. As a result, travelers can now experience a tailored and seamless journey planning process.

A noteworthy distinction is that ixigo has become the exclusive travel agency in India to provide the ixigo ChatGPT plugin. This innovative feature further enhances the interactive and user-centric nature of the platform, setting ixigo apart as a trailblazer in the travel industry.

With PLAN, ixigo continues to redefine the travel planning experience, combining technological prowess with a commitment to meeting the unique needs of each traveler.


On the inaugural day of April 1, 2023, the travel application unveiled BHAI—an innovative AI-powered headset. Positioned as a pioneering Bluetooth device infused with artificial intelligence, this state-of-the-art headset is meticulously designed to enhance the travel experience for discerning users, as per the assertions made by the manufacturer.

Ixigo – Collaborative Engagements

Ixigo has forged strategic alliances with various esteemed organizations, exemplifying a commitment to enhancing user experiences and industry collaborations.

Among its noteworthy partnerships are:

Collaboration with Flipkart:

Ixigo has entered into a strategic partnership with Flipkart, aiming to elevate the flight booking experience on the Flipkart platform. This collaboration underscores Ixigo’s dedication to providing seamless and efficient travel solutions within the e-commerce landscape.

Partnership with Indira Gandhi International Airport:

In a concerted effort to facilitate a smoother travel journey, Ixigo has partnered with Indira Gandhi International Airport. This collaboration is geared towards enhancing the functionality and user-friendliness of the airport’s website, ultimately benefiting passengers with a more streamlined and informative online experience.

Strategic Alliance with Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC):

Ixigo has established a significant partnership with the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) to contribute to the development of a cutting-edge ‘Unified Ticketing Solution’ (UTS) on APSRTC’s Cloud Platform. This collaboration involves the setup, design, configuration, and ongoing maintenance of the UTS, showcasing Ixigo’s expertise in driving technological advancements within the public transportation domain.

Ixigo – Official Sponsorship Announcement

On August 21, 2023, Ixigo, India’s prominent travel booking platform, proudly announced its role as the official sponsor for the Men’s Asia Cup 2023. This marks a significant milestone for Ixigo, as it represents the platform’s inaugural association with a major sporting event of this caliber.

Scheduled to take place from August 30 to September 17, 2023, the Men’s Asia Cup will be jointly hosted by Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Ixigo’s commitment to supporting this prestigious tournament underscores its dedication to fostering meaningful partnerships and contributing to the promotion of sports on an international stage.

This sponsorship aligns with Ixigo’s ethos of excellence and resonates with its vision of being at the forefront of supporting diverse cultural and sporting initiatives. The Men’s Asia Cup 2023 serves as a compelling platform for Ixigo to further enhance its brand presence and engage with a diverse audience on a global scale.


Established in 2007 by visionaries Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar, Ixigo stands as a pioneering force in the travel industry, fundamentally transforming the landscape of travel planning and execution. The company’s trajectory is characterized by an unwavering dedication to innovation and a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled travel solutions.

The company’s achievements can be ascribed to its unwavering commitment to simplifying the intricacies of travel planning. Through the aggregation and real-time comparison of comprehensive travel data, encompassing pricing details, flight and train availabilities, bus schedules, cab services, hotel selections, travel packages, and destinations, Ixigo has seamlessly streamlined tasks such as railway bookings, flight reservations, bus ticketing, and hotel accommodations.

Ixigo’s evolution from a startup, founded by two former colleagues at IIT Kanpur, to a preeminent travel technology company based in Gurgaon underscores their entrepreneurial ethos and steadfast dedication to developing a product that enhances the convenience of Indian travelers.

Operating as an intermediary between users and various travel booking websites, the company’s successful business model is sustained through commissions on facilitated bookings. Distinguished features, including the 180-day fare viewpoint, direct booking capabilities for airline tickets, and a feature-rich hotel exploration mechanism, contribute to Ixigo’s esteemed status as a user-friendly portal.