The blockbuster sci-fi film Dune, based on Frank Herbert’s classic novel, transported viewers to the mysterious desert planet of Arrakis with its vast sandy landscapes and intricate structures blending into the rugged terrain. Now luxury real estate developer ISTO has unveiled a one-of-a-kind Dubai villa that takes direct inspiration from the visually stunning world of Dune, offering homeowners an immersive experience of living within the epic story. 

Scheduled for completion in 2025, the Dune Villa situated in Dubai’s luxurious Emirates Hills adopts design elements and motifs from the acclaimed movie adaptation. The sprawling three-floor property spans 10,000 square feet with an interwoven indoor-outdoor layout. Inspired by the film’s massive fortified houses built into sand dunes for protection, the villa appears to emerge organically from the landscape with smooth stone façades that blend seamlessly with surrounding sand and greenery. Sleek lines and curves accentuate the dynamic asymmetrical form in a style echoing the graceful yet formidable structures of Dune’s Atreides family home.

Large retractable windows and doors dissolve the boundaries between interior and exterior, allowing homeowners to take in sweeping desert panoramas from almost every room. Advanced smart home technology operated by gestures or voice commands provide seamless control. Sustainable features like a rainwater harvesting system and solar panels help the property live in harmony with its surroundings while reducing bills, in keeping with the film’s environmental themes. Five bedrooms and a private cinema offer spacious accommodation for families or guests with a taste for otherworldly luxury. 

Landscaping consisting of native grasses and wildflowers spreading out from the villa complements the natural flowing forms. A pool blending into its surroundings with integrated seating and lighting invites relaxation with sights of drifting sand dunes. An underground garage maintains the uninterrupted flow of interior into exterior spaces. Every meticulously planned detail reflects ISTO’s vision of transporting residents to the awe-inspiring world of Dune for a cinematic living experience like no other.

ISTO Founder and Creative Director Essa Al-Saleh expressed the company’s passion for pushing design boundaries with one-of-a-kind homes: “We wanted to pay homage to the epic scale and imagination of Dune through a residential project that transports homeowners right into the heart of the story. This villa breaks conventions to integrate sophisticated technological features within an organic desert aesthetic, providing an unmatched immersive experience of luxury living.” Al-Saleh noted the development’s alignment with Dubai’s vision to establish itself as a global hub for innovative architecture and digital construction. 

Set for completion in 2025 concurrent with the second Dune film installment, the Dune Villa offers a rare opportunity for aficionados of the sci-fi masterpiece to own a piece of its iconic