The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security fined IndiGo Airlines Rs. 1.2 crore after a video of passengers eating on the tarmac while they waited for their aircraft went viral.

IndiGo Fined for Flight Disruptions

Mumbai Airport was further fined Rs. 30 lakh by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for the breach.

The authorities had issued show-cause orders to both Mumbai Airport and IndiGo.

The DGCA also levied fines on Air India and SpiceJet for their lack of readiness, which caused delays due to fog.

Why is this story important?

A video that went viral earlier this week featured passengers eating on the tarmac near to an airplane.

Hundreds of passengers had arrived at Mumbai Airport after a delay of several hours.

Passengers’ misery has been exacerbated by dense fog over Delhi and the Indo-Gangetic plains, which has resulted in aircraft delays and cancellations.

Due to fog delays, Air India and SpiceJet were fined.

The DGCA has also penalized Air India and SpiceJet Rs. 30 lakh apiece for their violations of Aircraft Rules, 1937 and lack of readiness, which resulted in fog delays.

Every year, before to the start of the fog season, the regulator holds meetings with operators of aerodromes and airlines.

“SpiceJet and Air India did not roster CAT II/III and LVTO-qualified pilots for some of the flights and thus failed to comply with the directions issued,” said the DGCA.

Breach of apron discipline

The incident was classified as a “violation of apron discipline” by the DGCA.

“It came to the notice of the DGCA through social media that on January 15, passengers of two IndiGo flights were on the apron for a considerable period at the CSMI Airport, Mumbai”

“This is in violation of Para 5 of DGCA Air Safety circular 04 of 2007 which directs all agencies working at the airport not to permit walking on an active apron,” added the statement.

IndiGo apologizes.

IndiGo responded by issuing a statement about the incident that happened on January 14.

Low visibility in Delhi forced the reroute of a Goa to Delhi flight to Mumbai.

“We sincerely apologize to our customers and are currently looking into the incident,” the airline stated. We’ll take the required actions to prevent similar occurrences in the future.”