According to research from recruitment platform foundit [previously Monster (APAC & ME)], India’s tourism industry, which was badly impacted by the Covid epidemic, has finally made a spectacular rebound this year.

According to Foundit statistics, India’s tourism industry will see a 44% increase in skill needs yearly in August 2023.

According to foundit, “The optimistic growth can be attributed to increased disposable incomes and higher spending on leisure and business travel in the country“.

The Travel & Tourism industry has truly bounced back from the pandemic with a boom, driven significantly by Government initiatives focused on infrastructural development and heritage promotion. India has also opened its doors by allowing 100% FDI for tourism construction projects and participation in the G20 summit has further bolstered sustainable tourism in the country,” Sekhar Garisa, CEO of foundit, a Quess company said.

During the pre-pandemic period, the travel and tourism industry grew by 16% in 2019. However, the Covid epidemic wreaked havoc on the industry, resulting in a 44% drop in job listings. A similar pattern was seen in 2021 when employment losses were 21% as a result of widespread travel bans and lockdowns.

While the travel and tourism industry started to rebound with a 3% employment increase in 2022, it recovered substantially this year.

According to the survey, the city-specific hiring patterns in the travel and tourism industry in August 2023 versus August 2022 were as follows: Jaipur (34%), Ahmedabad (33%), and Chandigarh (33%), followed by Vadodara (25%) and Coimbatore (25%).

Among the tier-1 cities, Delhi (34%) had the greatest growth in job listings, followed by Kolkata (21%), Chennai (19%), Hyderabad (8%), and Mumbai (5%).


As of August 2023, 49% of online travel and tourism job openings were for freshers/entry-level talent (0-3 years of experience). Intermediate level (4-6 years) and Top Management (15+ years) demand accounted for 14% of total demand, respectively.


For freshers, the average minimum salary ranges from Rs. 2,88,696 to Rs. 5,80,234.

Salary ranges for intermediate-level positions vary from Rs. 5,29,516 to Rs. 8,20,734.

The salary range for mid-senior occupations in the travel and tourism industry is Rs. 8,70,833 to Rs. 14,11,556.

According to the foundit research, the average minimum compensation for management professionals in this industry is Rs. 12,19,515 and the average maximum income is Rs. 18,55,291.


While the pandemic resulted in enormous layoffs in the travel and tourism industry, corporations have started to embrace the gig model to overcome the skills shortage and meet rising visitor demand. According to foundit data, there has been a 14% increase in gig employment since January 2023.