According to the head of this premier organisation for business owners in the information technology sector, TiE Silicon Valley, the entry point for international entrepreneurs in the US, is now working to train, mentor, and assist Indian businesses to expand their markets in the US.

“We see ourselves as the gateway for global entrepreneurs; TiE Silicon Valley.” Anita Manwani, president of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Silicon Valley, told PTI in a recent interview that the majority of those worldwide entrepreneurs are from India.

TiE Silicon Valley recently began coaching and assisting Indian startups in establishing themselves in the US.

Recently, TiE Silicon Valley and the Indian government—more precisely, Software Technology Parks of India, which oversees 22 entrepreneurship hubs nationwide—signed a memorandum of collaboration.

According to her, such a Memorandum of Understanding will enable two-way communication: investors from Silicon Valley will visit and engage with carefully selected Indian startups, and startups from India will visit TIE Silicon Valley for the Silicon Valley immersive programs to learn how to expand their markets and raise capital in the US.

That’s how we expect that to function, then. And that’s a huge role,” she remarked, praising the prime minister for India’s digitalization achievements.

“It serves as the guide for all nations in bringing the digital stack to the average person. It’s incredible. The Indian digital stack is currently being used in 20 countries. They told me just now that there will be fifty next year. When you consider that over 800 million Indians are fully utilising digital technology, it is clear that, with a population of about 300 million, we fall well short of that number, Manwani told PTI.

Consequently, I don’t believe that this specific scenario is about how you envision India’s digital stack expanding. I wish I had the knowledge of how to get the US digital stack to develop in the same manner as India’s, so that the average person is fully linked in all of their online and digital endeavours,” the woman remarked.

Like everything else, India’s adoption of 4G and 5G technology advanced much more quickly than other countries’ since they were spared the need to convert from analog to digital technology.

“In terms of the US backdrop, India is currently at a completely different level because it is the largest buyer of Boeing’s fleet. I have an extremely optimistic and bullish view of India. Since India is the largest democracy and odd things sometimes happen in democracies, we cross our fingers that there are no mistakes. Thus, we hope that the current leadership will stay on the road that has been established and that they won’t stray from it,” the speaker stated.

“I think that India has a lot to offer, a youthful population that is highly educated, that is very tech savvy, and this commitment to entrepreneurship is what’s going to lead India into the next century,” Manwani stated.