The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) will supply fuel to Formula One cars over the next three months. The fuel for Formula One cars will be manufactured at the Paradip refinery in Odisha.

Indian Oil becomes the first Indian company to produce gasoline

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) is poised to begin producing gasoline for Formula One (F1) vehicles in three months, signifying Indian oil companies’ entry into F1 competitions.

The gasoline for Formula One cars will be manufactured at the Paradip refinery in Odisha, which is noted for its sophisticated technology and strategic position. The statement was made by Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, Chairman of IOCL.

IOC will supply fuel to the Asian area motorcycle road racing championship through its brand-new fuel category, Storm, which the corporation introduced on Wednesday.

“Today, we are teaming with FIM Asia Road Racing Championship to offer ‘Storm’. “We are the first company in India to manufacture fuel to road racing specifications,” IOC Chairman Shrikant Madhav Vaidya stated, according to Mint.

SM Vaidya further stated that the company will acquire certification to produce the special gasoline for Formula One cars within three months.

This agreement comprises Indian Oil delivering FIM category 2 race fuel, “STORM-Ultimate Racing Fuel,” at all Asia Road Racing Championship rounds.  The company will give fuel to all riders from 15 countries participating in the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

About the IOC’s fresh new category, Storm.

The IOCL offers a variety of products, including the freshly established STORM category of fuel for motor racing vehicles, as well as AVGas 100LL and reference fuels. The ‘Storm’ fuel demonstrates IndianOil’s ingenuity and experience in developing specialty fuels that meet strict international standards, having been approved by M/s Intertek in Switzerland, which is FIM-approved.

“As we commence on this exciting cooperation with TWMR for the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, Indian Oil is thrilled to fuel the fast lanes of motorsport with our cutting-edge ‘STORM-Ultimate Racing Fuel’. The fuel is a symbol of innovation and perfection, representing our unwavering goal of developing specialized fuels that exceed strict international requirements. This collaboration is a crucial step toward advancing the ‘Make in India’ strategy on a global scale,” said Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, Chairman of Indian Oil.

Storm fuel has numerous advantages, including maintaining the cleanliness of engine parts and the fuel distribution system, as well as offering corrosion protection for the vehicle’s metallic components.