Gita Gopinath is all ready to take over as the new first Deputy Managing Director, the second highest post, at the International Monetary Fund.

Geoffrey Okamato, who plans to leave the IMF early next year, will be succeeded by Gita Gopinath. Gita has been IMF’s chief economist for three years and was scheduled to join for her academics in January 2022, at Harvard University.

Indian born Gita Gopinath to take over as the First Deputy Managing Director at IMF
Gita gopinath

Kristalina Georgieva, the managing director of IMF said, “Both Geoffrey and Gita are tremendous colleagues. I’m sad to see Geoffrey go but, at the same time I’m delighted that Gita has decided to stay and accept the new responsibility of being out FDMD.” According to her, Gita’s work has contributed exceptionally to the fund’s working. “Her intellectual leadership in helping the global economy and the fund to navigate the twists and turns of the worst economic crisis of our lives.” has especially contributed a lot, Georgieva added. 

Gopinath has gained a huge amount of respect and admiration across other member countries. Under her leadership, the Research Department of the IMF has strengthened itself a lot highlighting its contribution in comparison with others. Gopinath also started working recently on a Covid-19 plan to vaccinate the whole globe at a very feasible price. 

Thanking Kristina, Gopinath said, “as the pandemic continues its grip on us, the work of the fund has never been more critical and international cooperation never more important.” She later continued by thanking Kristina and the board for giving her this opportunity to work with such hard working colleagues.