The Indian government has expressed sadness over the decision by a US court not to press charges against a police officer involved in the death of an Indian student in Seattle. 23-year-old Jaahnavi Kandula was killed in January after being hit by a police car responding to an emergency call. 

The Consulate General of India in Seattle has said they strongly raised the matter with local authorities after a prosecutor announced no criminal charges will be filed against Officer Kevin Dave. Kandula was struck while crossing the street and was thrown over 100 feet from the impact. Her family and friends have demanded a thorough investigation into the incident, questioning whether the officer was driving too fast while responding to the call.

India said the death of Kandula, who was pursuing her master’s degree in information technology at the University of Washington, is deeply shocking and saddening. The young woman was described as a bright student with a bright future ahead of her. Her demise has left her family and community in a state of grief and shock. 

The Indian government will continue following up on the case with the relevant authorities. They have reiterated their expectation that the authorities in Seattle will conduct a thorough investigation into all aspects of the incident to determine if lapses or procedural errors were involved. India has also stressed the need to fix accountability in order to obtain justice for Kandula and closure for her loved ones.

Meanwhile, traffic safety experts have raised concerns about emergency response protocols and the lack of proper oversight in such cases. There are calls for police departments to review policies regarding speed limits and response times, especially in busy urban areas. Some have pointed out that rushing to a scene, even for a medical emergency, should not compromise the safety of others on the road. Stricter punishment for traffic violations while responding to calls could act as a deterrent against reckless driving by officers.

This tragic case has highlighted the vulnerability of international students pursuing education abroad. It has renewed discussions around ensuring their well-being and protection when in foreign countries. The incident is likely to impact perceptions of safety in the US for Indian students and scholars. India will continue engaging with authorities to seek a fair resolution of the case in accordance with the law. It also aims to promote better understanding and cooperation between law enforcement agencies of the two nations.