The new IT rules, which went into effect last year, require large digital platforms (with more than 50 lakh users) to publish compliance reports every month, detailing complaints received and actions taken.

According to a monthly report published by the messaging platform, WhatsApp banned 18.05 lakh Indian accounts in March based on complaints received from users via the grievances channel and its own mechanism to prevent and detect violations.

According to the most recent report, WhatsApp banned 18.05 lakh Indian accounts between March 1 and 31, 2022, using the “abuse detection approach, which also includes action taken in response to negative feedback received from users…”

A 91 phone number identifies an Indian account.

“This user-safety report includes information about user complaints and the actions taken by WhatsApp, as well as WhatsApp’s own preventive measures to combat abuse on our platform. According to the most recent Monthly Report, WhatsApp banned over 1.8 million accounts in March “According to a WhatsApp spokesperson.

It is worth noting that the Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp banned 14.26 lakh Indian accounts in February.

Meanwhile, a WhatsApp spokesperson stated that the platform has consistently invested in Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge technology, data scientists and experts, and processes to keep users safe over the years.

In March 2022, 597 grievance reports were received, with 74 accounts being “actioned.”

Out of the total number of reports received, 407 were about ‘ban appeals,’ while the rest were about account support, product support, and safety, among other things.

“Except in cases where a grievance is deemed to be a duplicate of a previous ticket, we respond to all grievances received. When an account is ‘actioned,’ it means that it has been banned or that a previously banned account has been restored as a result of a complaint “According to the report.