• The word “Sex” has always been one of most “shhh someone will hear” topics in India, which has narrowed down the concept of sex in a way that all a person thinks after hearing about it is nothing but engaging in physical sexual activities. 
  • Well, can’t deny the fact that it is true and is what it is. But is it always about creating tension and getting all physical? Nope, there’s a lot more to the word sex and sexuality, and what’s necessary is educating people about it. Not only adults but teenagers, because that’s where it starts getting real complicated. 


  • The word itself dates back to 1200 and originated from old french.
  • It was the time of mid-nineteenth when the word was actually used to refer to the deed. 
  • Always been one of the most interesting topic among teenagers, and the word gives a huge impact on the mentality and personality of the person. 


  • Sex Education or sexual education is all about educating people about sex, its related problems, and how to get over them.
  • The goal is to promote safe and hygienic sex.
  • The problems include unwanted pregnancies, teenage pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases ie. HIV, HPV, etc.
  • The topic was and is widely supported in western countries that resulted in a lot of good things.
  • According to the provided American data, there were 57 teenage pregnancies per 1000 girls of age 15-19 in 2010. In compared to the conditions in 2008, there was a drop of 15 percent in teenage pregnancies from 2008-2010.
  • With campaigns and social support, the rate had a huge drop of 39% in 2017, and right now effectively dropping. 
  • The “how” of these results was nothing but promoting sexual education among teenagers and their parents. 
  • Studies found out the major reason for controlling this social evil of teenage pregnancies and the outbreak of STDs was the right usage of contraceptives. 
  • This was the onset of sexual education with the goal of achieving healthy and safe sexual life without any STDs and unwanted births.


  • Proper sex education in India has been lacking for centuries. 
  • Educating people about sexuality and its related problems was always considered taboo in many societies. 
  • Sexual education was banned in several states as the government and their ministers regarded it, as an inappropriate practice that will pollute the culture and “Sanskars”  of the coming generations
  • Until 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a green pass to sexual education and its welfare programs.
  • Since then, the nation’s structure of sexual education looks after 3 areas of development. 


  • ADOLESCENTS IN SCHOOL-The curriculum features the study of sexual, behavioral, and hormonal changes that happens in Adolescents (13-19) where youth is surrounded by topics and conversations of sexual nature.
  •  The key aim of this curriculum is to teach the students about the negative impacts of carelessness towards their sexual activities.
  • FAMILY PLANNING IN ADULTS-In this curriculum, the students are the parents and adults of the country. The course features the study of contraceptive methods and sterilization alternatives for men and women.
  • The government is actively promoting the concept of family planning in various parys of the nation.
  • Both rural and urban areas are meant to follow the guidelines given by the government.
  • EDUCATION OF PREVENTIVE MEASURES HIV/AIDS- The curriculum features the study of preventive measures and ideas that can help in reducing the outbreak of deadly HIV/AIDS
  • The course teaches about contraceptive methods apart from pills eg. latex condoms


Sexual education is still one of the major concerns in some nations across the world. Some are willing to accept the change and some aren’t. We need to accept the fact that sexual education is a must to achieve a healthy lifestyle without any diseases, it doesn’t matter if it’s India or USA, sex education should be compulsory in schools and universities to educate youth about healthy and hygienic well-being. Sexual education is not promoting to have sex, it is to educate people about healthy and safe sex.