The brutal truth of manual rummaging and its effect on individuals’ lives and well-being can’t be disregarded. Solinas Trustworthiness, the furthest down-the-line startup to show up on the second release of Shark Tank India, expects to end the issue of manual rummaging in India by creating automated answers for the disinfection business.

The sharks on the unscripted TV drama battled to become financial backers in the Chennai-based startup that is a start-to-finish water sterilization executives organization. One of the sharks – boAt prime supporter Aman Gupta – had this to say as he retired from the battle:

“The crap is (a) hit (alluding to the shark battle). Your motivation and cause are great. You have coaches and assets, what else do you want? I’m out yet I’m happy they’ve made offers.”

Septic tank-cleaning robot that requires no manual intervention

Established in 2018, Solinas fabricates three items (which it has likewise planned): HomoSEP-a septic tank cleaning robot, Endobot – a pipeline crawler (or review robot), and iGlobus – an inline examination robot intended for significant distance hole and pilferage discovery. Between 2017-2021, 330 individuals lost their lives because of “dangerous cleaning of sewer and septic tanks” in India, according to the information introduced in Lok Sabha in August 2022.

Solinas claims that HomoSEP is the first-ever septic tank cleaning robot in Quite a while that requires no manual mediation. Generally, more modest pull machines (valued at ₹15-₹20 lacks) eliminate the top layer of waste in the septic tanks. Yet, the hard slime at the lower part of septic tanks is cleaned by manual foragers, who step into a sewer vent with practically no defensive stuff.

Contrasted with worldwide arrangements like super-sucker machines with a beginning cost of ₹3-₹4 crore, HomoSEP is more reasonably valued between ₹15-₹25 lacks, expressed by the originators. While super-sucker machines customarily utilize a high-vacuum pull framework, HomoSEP is outfitted with a protected different sharp edge shaper that can blend the most profound and hardest muck at the base, and a pull siphon that can store and move the ooze through a line into a tank.

Converting a college project into a business:

Hatched at IIT Madras, Solinas as of now has six organizers – four of whom showed up on Shark Tank India. Nonetheless, the man behind the thought was Divanshu Kumar. Initially hailing from Bihar, Kumar was learning at IIT Madras when he thought of fostering a robot to clean septic tanks for his last year’s project. However, it was only after he conversed with sterilization laborers that he chose to transform this undertaking into a significant item.

“For the initial 3 months, I simply needed to be finished with the undertaking. (However, when we introduced the venture to disinfection laborers, they snickered at our answer. They said, “have you at any point seen a septic tank? Take a gander at our nails, and our skin – they’re stripping and impacted.

The other three fellow benefactors who showed up on the show are Bhavesh Narayani, Moinak Banerjee, and Linda Jasline. Narayani, hailing from Gwalior, is additionally a former student of IIT Madras. He joined the organisation in 2019 and is the head of the item advancement. Banerjee, from West Bengal, and Jasline, from Chennai, joined the organization later.”This is astonishing. Bodh Gaya (Bihar), Durgapur (West Bengal), Gwalior and Chennai – it gives off an impression of being a public combination project,” said shark Namita Thapar, leader chief at Emcure Drugs, about the originators.

The establishing group of Solinas likewise incorporates two IIT teachers with whom Kumar worked to foster the items. Solinas was likewise the champ in the Best Nearby class at ET New companies Grants 2022. The organizers shared on the show that Solinas has applied for 4 licences, 2 of which have been conceded.