Advanced technology in 5G and other Virtual experiences will change the definition of how consumer purchases a product. The future of shopping is more dedicated to providing convenience and attraction in the mind of consumers. 

Most people we know, when they need to buy supplies, will take a few hours or more in order to:

 a) go to the shops.

 b) search for the desired shop.

 c) go to the relevant section in the desired shop, and so on and so forth, they get the product they were looking for.

E-commerce has made a big impact in the world of the Internet. People have changed their buying behavior since then. But a lot of buyers still prefer physical purchases instead of ordering online because it helps to create belongingness in their minds while purchasing. 

The advent of the metaverse, and technology like 5G, will make e-commerce even more intuitive and attractive for customers. Now, you will be able to scan your body or enter your measurements and try on all sorts of clothes and accessories on your virtual avatar. People can even travel and play games in VR. In near future, it will be possible to attend school lectures virtually with the help of VR glasses. Medical infrastructure would boom with the entrance of 5G into the market because it would be possible for doctors to consult patients virtually without place and time barriers. 

Last year, Gucci made a big splash selling NFTs of digital clothes and accessories for millions of dollars. As we transition to a predominantly digital presence, we can expect to see a big uptick in our Direct-to-Avatar (D2A) purchases. 

People have experienced with H&M’s new virtual store, that it will be possible to have cross-platform flexibility and access to major brands in a virtual setting. Users will be able to access retail stores on their tablets, smartphones, and laptops, or by using VR-enabled headsets or glasses. Having stores at a ‘virtual’ address will offer brands a chance to be hyper-local in a truly global setting, gain access to a wider audience, and secure cutting-edge brand equity.