Edtech is the most rapidly growing startup model in this era of worldwide connectivity, work from home, and learning-oriented career growth. With the impact of the current pandemic, more and more individuals and organizations are realizing the purpose and benefits of digital online learning, virtual classrooms, and collaborative learning. This evolving ecosystem is paving the way to focused mentoring, skilling, re-skilling, and multiplying career opportunities.

Ed-Techs as career generators
The rise of Ed-tech is rapidly transforming the way individuals view careers and the various growth opportunities. The need for a specialized skill set is increasingly crucial in recent times. Ed-Tech is playing a tremendous role in getting aspirants ready for such roles.

Below are some of the ways Ed-tech startups are boosting careers and employment opportunities for students.

Increased mentoring options

The employer mentoring process which used to cover few universities is now reaching a vast number of students across geographies. Experienced employees across various domains are now able to help students navigate to a professional career by introducing them to the basics of their profession and corporate culture while they are still studying. This helps students not only to get ready for the required roles but also allows them to identify their areas of interest and pursue careers in relevant roles.

  1. Imparting specialized skill sets

Ed-techs are focusing on equipping students and employees with niche and specialized skills like data science or financial analysis. This allows them to be ready for future workplaces and also allows employers to select employees who are day 1 job ready

  1. Wider opportunities

Job aspirants now have access to a wide range of job and internship opportunities because of Ed-Tech startups. These platforms are facilitating digital internships and bringing attention to opportunities across the globe. The opportunities which were once only available to geographies or communities are now available to everyone who can access the rising digital Ed-Tech platforms.

  1. Personalization

Various digital education platforms offer different personalized experiences and tools tailor-made to each student and their aspirations. Such customization allows high flexibility in terms of timings. It also provides a collection of skills for students and employees to pick for their future roles.

  1. Mid-Career development

Education has grown from being focused on kids and freshers to being essential also to employees with considerable experience. Learning has become a necessity throughout one’s career. Ed-Tech startups are offering mid-career professionals an opportunity to pivot or grow their skills with a personalized focus.

  1. Entrepreneurial spirit

Ed-Techs are playing a crucial role in developing entrepreneurial spirit and mindset through incubators and student innovation hubs. Entrepreneurialism is making its way into pedagogy more and more with the advent of Ed-Techs that are dedicating specific courses on startup culture and fundamentals.