Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, M K Stalin, marked a significant milestone in the state’s technological advancement on Thursday by inaugurating Hitachi Energy’s largest Global Technology and Innovation Centre in Chennai. This sprawling centre, spanning an impressive 300,000 square feet and boasting nearly 50,000 square feet of dedicated laboratory space, is owned by Hitachi Energy Technology Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Energy Ltd., Switzerland. This article delves into the details of this state-of-the-art facility and its potential impact on the energy sector and the broader economy.

A Hub for Energy Transition Technologists

The newly inaugurated centre is poised to become a hub for more than 2,500 energy transition technologists, specializing in the critical areas of transformers and grid automation and integration. It represents a significant investment in fostering innovation and research in the field of sustainable energy, aligning with global efforts to address pressing energy challenges.

Comprehensive Capabilities Under One Roof

This state-of-the-art facility brings together under one roof the extensive engineering and research and development capabilities that Hitachi Energy has accumulated over the years. Its diverse competencies encompass engineering, project management, tendering, supply chain management (SCM), customer service, marketing, and cybersecurity. This comprehensive approach ensures that the centre is equipped to handle over 1,000 projects annually, serving businesses around the world.

Supporting Sustainable Energy

Hitachi Energy’s strategic vision is clear: to advance a sustainable energy future for all. The Chennai centre is a pivotal investment in realizing this vision. By accelerating innovation, digitalization, and engineering capabilities, it aims to support customers in advancing the global energy system to be more sustainable, flexible, and secure. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing emphasis on clean and renewable energy solutions worldwide.

Tamil Nadu’s Ascent as an Innovation Hub

Tamil Nadu has been steadily gaining prominence as an innovation and research and development hub within India. With 15 percent of the country’s doctorates and 11 percent of postgraduates, the state is attracting attention as a vibrant knowledge hub. Minister for Industries, Investment Promotion, and Commerce in Tamil Nadu, T R B Rajaa, affirmed this trend, stating that the state is “emerging as a vibrant knowledge hub and is one of the most sought-after places globally for research and innovation.”

A Catalyst for Tamil Nadu’s Economic Ambitions

Chief Minister M K Stalin highlighted the centre’s significance in the context of Tamil Nadu’s broader economic ambitions. He emphasized that such world-class innovation and technology centres in Tamil Nadu reflect the quality of local talent and will further boost the state’s vision of becoming a trillion-dollar economy by 2030. This centre is a testament to the state’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for technological advancement and economic growth.


The inauguration of Hitachi Energy’s Global Technology and Innovation Centre in Chennai is a momentous event that underlines the state’s growing importance in the global technology landscape. With a focus on sustainable energy solutions, this centre is poised to drive innovation and research in the energy sector while contributing to Tamil Nadu’s economic aspirations. As Tamil Nadu solidifies its position as an innovation hub, it aligns with the broader global effort to address pressing energy and environmental challenges, making strides towards a more sustainable and secure energy future for all.